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    Any hints of Wire activity in 2014? I know that there are dates in Australia, but what follows? Are the studio dates booked for the next album?
    I can't seem to find a link but Colin said in an interview that people are coming to the merch table after shows wondering which release has "Harpooned" on it. I think he also mentioned that early 2015 is the target date for the new release. Not sure if R&B 04 or a proper full-length is the plan any more.

    Really excited to hear how road tested material will work on the record. By the time they get into a studio they would have been playing some of these tunes for almost a year.
    Wire are playing on my daughter's birthday night out. I doubt that I will be able to go.
    I think that a few more updates on Pink Flag would be nice.
    I wouldn't count on it. Wire have never been a group to divulge many details during the album creation process.
    See ya there for Lexington show Number Four
    Sweet, tickets ordered. 4th show in less than a year for me, hoping for lots of new songs!

    First gig of 2014 for me. I really love the intimacy of the Lexington and the ambience.
    Just got my tickets. Alerted by a friend who isn't a particular wire fan, but knows that I am.

    But why no pinkflag email alert for those old farts who aren't on arsebook, twatter (just had to type that four times to get the fucking spellcheck to fucking fuck off) and so on?

    Anyway, happy new year everyone. Never been to the Lexington. Hope the sound system is as good as Heaven, though it probably won't be.
    The sound system is good but you're talking about a completely different type of venue.

    Heaven has a capacity of 1,850.

    The Lexington's is registered at 400 - but having been there on a number of occasions that probably means the upstairs live room and the downstairs bar combined. The actual live room is nearer 200.
    Unfortunate timing. I will be in London, which seemed great news, but with my wife, who seems to think that I have.....seen Wire enough over the last few years....The marital veto has been played. I will retaliate next time Take That are fleecing their consumers, and play my veto.
    Crikey! That's a bit of bad news! I had my marriage vows re-written to avoid such incidents. Nobody seemed to notice that it was my handwriting on the certificate, either.
    Was hoping to come down for this but it's Sold Out, that's a shame always good at the Lexington. Did get to see them four times last year so musn't grumble.
    Anyone know whether there's any support at the Lexington and what time Wire will be on roughly? Have to make the last tube out of Kings X.

    I don't know if there is a support, but the curfew is 11.00pm for the band(s).
    jelliott: I've never missed the last tube out of Kings X after gigs at either the Lexington or Scala. You will have plenty of time.
    No sign of a support act on the website. And as mentioned the curfew is 11pm but you can stay on until 4am if you so wish !!!!

    Friday, January 17
    .. Wire
    followed by Night Care Club
    8pm-4am, club starts at 11pm adv £15, sold out - open after 11pm for free club
    We're very excited to celebrate our 5th Birthday with a special live performance from post-punk veterans Wire.
    After 11pm it's our weekly Friday Free Club! Upstairs we have White Heat DJs playing indie and electro - downstairs we have DJ Ren Rox playing rock'n'roll and 60s pop until 4am.
    Younghusband have been added to the bill for the Lexington's 5th birthday tomorrow night.
    I have a vague recollection of them playing an acoustic set at St Pancras' Old Church opening for Le Volume Courbe last year. Not bad as I recall.