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    but does anyone have this - and if so - do they wanna flog it?
    I don't have it, but I wonder what version of the song that is. Is it a typo or is it really a longer version?
    Is it the same as the so-called 12" version? That's about a minute and a half longer than this one says so on discogs.....
    It wouldn't have been on "Big Glue Canal" - this is wire that was wir

    If the one on "Shut Up And Listen" is different - then there will be five different versions of this - currently I know four.

    The Radio Mix on the promo 12" is the same as the "Album Version" on the CD single.
    To confuse matters - the "Album Version" on the CD single is not actually the version on the album - the difference can be spotted in the first chorus. On the CD single you have a four line chorus - on the album it's edited to two lines.

    The longer version here clocks in at almost eight minutes - so seeing a version at 6:12 intrigued me - although I know discogs descriptions are not 100% accurate.

    All this - and it's my least favourite Wire track of all. Hearing the edits back to back was not a pleasurable experience - but I do so for the pleasure of completeness and the justification of being a Wire nerd.
    paulrabjohn - just whispered to ya.....
    Ah well - little bit of confusion just cleared up - Paul was getting his samplers mixed up - so the bid is still out there - if anyone has a "Shut Up And Listen" sampler pls give me a shout - long odds but if one doesn't ask I spose.....
    For those with still a remote interest - after almost two months I tracked down a major Depeche Mode fan who had the "Shut Up And Listen" promo. He sent me the itunes screenshot and the soundfile - basically the version of "Life In The Manscape" is the version on the "Manscape" CD - the genuine album version - as opposed to the one that is labelled "album version" but isn't.

    The 6:12 time is down to a wally who typed it in wrong on discogs. I've amended the discogs entry so no future Wire nerds will be having coronaries over the same typo.

    Move along move along nothing to see here.....