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    did wire really support the Bollock Brothers in Germany late 80's ? What a bizarre bill......

    Always figured the Bollock Brothers were (against stiff competition) about the worst band on the planet , and Jock McDonald one of the biggest chancers. Were they really "big in Germany"?

    Would love to hear a report on how this gig went.....
    Not as surreal as the Einsturzende Neubaten gig in 1987 - when their support band was Showaddywaddy.....
    i wonder if this was the Bollock Brothers line-up with Michael Fagen (Buckingham Palace intruder) on vocals? even by BB standards that sounded ultra-ropey.

    i heard stories that Showaddywaddy turned in their usual full-on set in an impressively unironic manner , and went down very well. would have liked to have seen that one. i suppose the advantage of a crap headliner is that you can laugh for 10 minutes then leave , you're not stuck enduring some old rubbish while you wait for the main act you want to see......
    They were quite big in Germany (and i think also in Belgium and France) indeed.

    Btw, if i'm not wrong this gig does not seem to be in the pink gigography. I can's see any 80's concert in Dortmund there. In fact i can't see any Dortmund gig at all there.
    Wire supporting the Sonics in 2011 was an odd one. I walked out after ten minutes of the headliners as they sounded like a really bad tribute act.
    • CommentAuthorjw says...
    • (CommentTimeJan 16th 2014)
    Wire have always been subject to strange arrangements. Supporting The Tubes and Roxy Music for starters...
    I went to an early-ish gig in Jan 78 when they "supported" Bethnal at the Nashville. Bethnal were a mixture of The Jam (in their dreams) and the emerging "Oi" movement, following Sham 69 etc. The venue was busy with beered-up right wing skinheads who surprisingly didn't trash the joint in the same way as the Newcastle sailors did a month later at The Guildhall. It was great to witness these early gigs when the large rump of an audience took Wire's set as a personal insult. But it was a bit frightening.
    In '88 they had a gig booked in at Manchester Uni supported by Rollins Band and (I think) Band Of Susans. It was cancelled unfortunately