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    Cant wait for tomorrows gig.So who is going tomorrow night ?? The only one I know who is going is leefact25 which is a given if i'm being honest Lee !!!
    Mark B is going - plus a few others familiar to the pair of us but who do not appear on here - and yes I'm going
    I'll be there as the balding fat bloke shouting "I love you guys!!!" / "Crazy About Love - when one is unable to take off". Is the Lexington ok for a pint beforehand or will they rob me blind for a half?
    you can get a pint of ale for £4
    Pretty sure it was £3.70 last time I went - and that was only a few wks back. Balding fat bloke? You'll be one of a crowd LOL
    I'm going - I'll be the bloke surrounded by women....(Ho..and if you will..)
    There's a couple of British Sea Power forumites also going who, I think, know a couple of you folk..I'll be having a pint with them beforehand.
    R Swimmer is now coming after all
    I thought the support were excellent wire on in 5 minutes, hooray!
    Marooned . 23rd years too late!
    Rather inebriated and I lost my reading glasses but from memory I recall marooned, 23 years too late, drill (only 3 minutes though!) , ally in exile , adore your islands, please take, map ref, nocturnal Koreans.......... and encore was comet,spent. That's as much as I can remember. Lee will fill you in with further details.
    God I was pissed. My excuse for 'ally in exile' was as soon as Drill finished I went to the toilet, then popped downstairs to get some drinks when I came back up I asked this guy (in Wire t-shirt and a badge) did I miss anything and he said 'yeah they did a song which I think was called Ally In Exile'. I should've asked Lee instead. There was bad crackling on Grahams amp at the start of Comet (I think it was that song!!) but apart from that the sound was immaculate even for the support act. Oh, and I found my reading glasses when I woke up they were on my pillow so they must've been round my neck all the time. Today is a day of sobriety.
    Well - you could say "Ally In Exile" sowed the seed for "Doubles & Trebles" I spose.....