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    • CommentAuthorjw says...
    • (CommentTimeJan 17th 2014 edited)
    A fine performance -

    23 Years Too Late
    Doubles & Trebles
    Magic Bullet
    Adore Your Island
    As We Go
    Please Take
    Another the Letter
    Map Ref
    Stealth of a Stork
    Attractive Space

    Loved it.
    Obviously more sober than I. well done Sir !

    I loved it too.What I can recall.
    Me too...and I managed to get the 2324 out of Euston.
    No surprises in the set really and Harpooned is growing into a right belter.Some great, ahem, 'moves' by Colin too.

    ..and I know it's a bit crap right after the gig but I had CBU on me ipod on the way home and I must have bottle up 'Attractive Space' because I very nearly blurted out some "per sec-per sec's" as we pulled into Berkhamstead.
    Weird that I listened to Comet & Spent on my ipod as I approached the pub, so the encore was very welcome from this fan.
    Thanks for the setlist info & reports.
    I was down the front and I have the actual band setlist which I will post soon. JW - I saw you from my vantage point and I wish I could have caught up with you but we must meet up for a beer or three!

    "Spent" was marred by a group of people old enough to know better throwing themselves about - Colin told me later he enjoyed the moshpit from onstage but things were looking potentially dangerous as I was in the middle of it - bottles and glasses were flying precariously and it was a miracle there were no breakages or injuries.

    Three songs were on the end of the setlist but remained unplayed - "Advantage In Height", "12XU" and "Moreover". Colin confirmed this was due to time constraints - ie - they started 10 minutes late and by the end of "Spent" it had reached 11:00.

    If "Spent" was - shall we say- particularly active - I hate to imagine what would have transpired if "12XU" was played.
    Just one addendum - "Nocturnal" is "Nocturnal Koreans". So four of the five new tracks were aired tonight - no room for "Black Watch Pipers" (aka "Flying Dutchman" or "Flying Dutch" or whatever it may end up as by 2015.....)
    Well! I didn't think I'd be in Islington tonight! I'd pretty much resigned myself to missing this one (I was actually seconds from booking a ticket last week when the website crashed...went back and tried again a few hours later but by then it had sold out). Fortunately at the eleventh hour the mighty leefact25 came up trumps and a lovely friend of his (who I don't think frequents this forum) had a spare ticket so seeing as I'd already booked the day off work it seemed too good an opportunity to miss...

    Excellent gig and well worth the last minute train trip. You wouldn't guess they hadn't played since November, 
    I was delighted to hear 23 Years which they didn't play at the gigs I saw last year.  Really enjoyed Nocturnal Koreans which is shaping up to be a classic Wire pop song and Harpooned is a monster...which I think set the tone of the gig which I think showcased the darker, weirder side of Wire coming back and (a few glitches aside with a dodgy mic) the excellent Lexington sound system is probably the best way to hear Wire. Trouser flapping bottom end, scything guitars and the thwack of Robs snare drum really cuts in over the top. Glad I made it to that one...thanks!
    Excellent venue, great sound and Wandle in real glass for less than £4, how can you go wrong. I thought Nocturnal Koreans and Harpooned were the highlights of the night. More new songs next time please.
    Harpooned was mesmeric............the encore was really special even if there wasn't room for the last 3 songs. I was really impressed with the support act and it seemed both Colin & Matt enjoyed them as well , Matt was even stood right in front of the stage.As they finished Spent colin thanked the audience and said something like ' I don't think it'll be the last time we play here !!' let the rumours begin about some more DrillFest shenanigans in 2014.
    "Happy birthday to the Lexington and I'm sure it won't be the last time we play here" - looking forward to Wire Lexington 5 then.....
    • CommentAuthoruri says...
    • (CommentTimeJan 18th 2014 edited)
    It was indeed a very good gig,marking my 29 years of wire live. I don't bother with wire at festivals, it's not the way to see them, but the Lexington most certainly is. Wire have carved their own niche in music. All their significant contemporary's had hits, turned into popstars and became spent creative forces. None of whom that I can recall are still a force to be reckoned with except maybe The Cure and The Nightingales but they are very much the Roberts. Perhaps significant commercial success limits creative duration?

    Nocturnal Koreans gets a big thumbs up, a hit in another age.

    Request for the return of Perspex Icon and something I don't think I've ever heard live, On Returning, please ;)

    Harpooned was once more my favorite song.
    Smash is the one that needs a rest IMO. I'd replace it for a while with One of Us.
    I'm up for them playing anything from their catalogue. Except "Life In The Manscape".
    Dunno whether this link will work but hey ho.....

    (edited into a link by Craig)
    it worked for me, thanks (by copy-pasting in the browser).
    not sure it works for those who are not on f-book, though. probably not.
    the whole gig is on youtube in the meantime.

    this is the encore

    and also the rest is uploaded in the account of this guy, split in various smaller videos of two to three songs.
    I'm not sure if I agree with "Smash" needing a rest. Of all of the Red Bark Tree songs that one works the best live. I also like it's faster arrangement.

    Object 47 songs are best left in the past. They represent an era of Wire that no longer feels relevant.
    Well, it's a matter of personal taste probably. Smash is one of the songs in the entire Wire catalogue i like least, whether in the studio or in the live version.
    And it's been around with no break since 2008 or so. In fact i think it might be (apart from Drill) the only song that i i've heard in all of the 25 Wire gigs i've seen in these last six years.
    I was happy to hear Smash but I was somewhat relieved that Boiling Boy was given a rest at the Lexington gig - even though the last couple of times they've played it its been pretty magnificent .
    I think the only Wire gigs I've seen since the RFH gig that didn't feature BB were the 'Flag Burning' (PF followed by most of Send) and the Heaven gig (All of CBU in sequence followed by the Pink Flag orchestra).

    I'm not sure O47 songs should be left in the past, All Fours is a good one for live sets and One of Us is absolute classic Wire-do-pop (albeit they never quite nailed it live). It's part of the canon and I'm sure it'll be dipped into now and again.