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    Not sure how much interest this'll be to anyone, but the wonderful Fini Tribe have taken tentative steps towards resuming operations. The band made no secret of their love for Wire and, of course, founding member Chris Connelly was featured on Whore contributing his radical take on A Mutual Friend.

    Anyway, the band have just issued a 12" of remixes of the classic Detestimony (you know, the one with the bells), with vague promises of more activity to come. I see they're supporting The Orb in Manchester in October this year who, again, have a Wire association in the form of the excellent So and Slow it Grows mix back in the day.

    Detestimony is one of the all time great records and the remixes are largely great. Highly recommended and available from the splendid Piccadilly Records in Manchester:
    Good grief. The amount of time it took to track down Sheigra while I was at uni… I just don't want to think about it. I'm not familiar with the band's early days when Connelly was there, but I've always been fond of Unexpected… and Sheigra. Sleazy Listening was middling, but occasionally mesmerising and oddly dark; Frantic's still a favourite of mine.
    Craig - agreed on Sleazy Listening - the spark had well and truly gone by that time (as had most of the members).

    However, there's a hole in your life if you don't have the excellent first album Noise, Lust & Fun. The One Little Indian CD reissue has the original mix of Detestimony on it too, which makes the whole thing irresistible. Fantastic band. Irvine Welsh contributes some terrific sleevenotes to the new 12" too.
    It's 2015 now, have Fini Tribe gone any further with other releases? I will always love them for helping to revive the Mael brothers career with the release of Sparks' "National Crime Awareness Week" through Fini Flex in 1994. The Justin Robertson (lionrock) remix of Ace Love Deuce is also a dance favourite of mine too.
    Lost my copy of Detestimony two children and three house moves ago. Unfortunately also lost the record player so may have to wait for the download. Over 30 years ago...jez.