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    I grabbed this late last night but haven't had a chance to listen yet, as there's so little out there from the Pink Flag era should be interesting at the very least!


    1977 November the 11th or 12th (
    Hammersmith Odeon, London, England, UK

    (My tape labelled 14.11.77), but according to the Wire's Gigography they only
    played on the 11th and 12th of that month at Hammersmith Odeon - Cyrus

    AUD Cassete
    "Got this from "Dave the punk" on Portobello Road in 1979 on a Philips C60 tape
    Copied from Marantz cassette deck to Sony PCM D50
    Topped, tailed and normalized in EAC" - Cowtruck

    Tracks separated via Audacity - Cyrus

    27:24 minutes - Supporting The Tubes

    1. 106 Beats That 0:46
    2. Reuters 3:04
    3. Three Girl Rhumba 1:23
    4. Oh No, No So 1:46
    5. Strange 2:46
    6. Brazil 0:42
    7. Lowdown 2:12
    8. It`s The Motive 1:27
    9. Practice Makes Perfect 3:17
    10. Mannequin 2:22
    11. Pink Flag 3:39
    12. Sand In My Joints 2:11
    13. 12XU 1:44
    Truly wretched sound, but as always, worth the effort due to its historical nature... not too much out there from 1977, and as a result, not a lot of live PF material.

    Of this recent batch of uploads from Cyrus on Dime, the Splash Club is the real treasure... decent sound from an era where Wire material sounds better live than the over-produced 1980s studio recordings. Also, if the Dome show is equalized (boost the bass with a slight cut to the treble), it is almost listenable and quite enlightening. Match the bass on the live Because We Must to the studio version. I wonder what the other track titles are from this concert.
    "Of this recent batch of uploads from Cyrus on Dime, the Splash Club is the real treasure..."

    Just been listening to that - it certainly is - the version of "Come Back In Two Halves" is bloody funny to my ears! Re the Pink Flag stuff - there is a very short (7 minute) recording of Winter Gardens Eastbourne 9th June 77 on dime - the quality is a great deal better than the Hammersmith show.
    • CommentAuthoruri says...
    • (CommentTimeFeb 15th 2014 edited)
    I went to that Splash club gig in Glasgow, up from London, nowhere to go after it except an extremely unpleasant attempt to sleep in a railway carriage at Glasgow Central Rail Station. It wasn't warm at the end of December. I recorded the gig and got the sound check as I was allowed in early. Must give it a listen, I wonder how it stacks up against this one?

    That would be interesting to hear, uri. Again, I thought the Splash Club recording from Dime was pretty good on many levels. That guy who is posting all of these Wire shows just put up to more:

    Wire: The Opening and Closing Salvos of MARK II - 1985, June 7th, Museum of
    Modern Art, Oxford & 1990, August 25th, Reading Festival, Berkshire shows - AUD

    I don't usually do multiple shows, but this combo is just too cool to not do. This is
    especially for those who think the Wire MARK II period was second rate. In the
    studio maybe, but not live! Here we have the very first show, upon reforming, coupled
    with the final show, before the departure of Robert Grey and changing their name to
    Wir; for one LP and a half dozen shows in three years. Both shows are pips, and
    extremely interesting! Drastically different renditions of songs making some of them
    almost unrecognizable from their studio counterparts. In a couple of cases you will
    hear the differences of five years on the same song, "Kidney Bingos" vs. "Eardrum Bingos"
    and "Drill" vs. "1 2 Drill U". Think the "Manscape" LP sucked? Do not miss "Small Black
    Reptile". I truly believe you will enjoy this exercise!

    Cheers, Cyrus

    1985, June 7th
    Museum of Modern Art, Oxford, England
    Audience Tape > ? > Cassette > wav > CDR > EAC Secure > FLAC Frontend
    37:23 minutes
    Light to moderate hiss (it varies!) that is pretty much apparent only between tracks...
    Colin's vocals sometimes a bit buried in the mix, but not bad.

    1. Ambulance Chasers
    2. Drill
    3. Kidney Bingos (First version)
    4. Over Theirs
    5. Harry Houdini
    6. A Serious of Snakes
    7. Up To the Sun
    8. Kidney Bingos (Reworked version)

    1990, August 25th
    Reading Festival, Berkshire England
    Audience Recording > ? > Cassette > wav > FLAC Frontend
    35:15 minutes

    1. What Do You See? (Welcome)
    2. Eardrum Bingos
    3. Small Black Reptile
    4. Ahead
    5. Patterns Of Behavior
    6. 1-2 Drill U,
    7. An Advantage In Height
    8. Underwater Experiences
    Surely Cyrus is wrong in suggesting Robert was part of the Reading show?
    I'm seeing her in a whole new light, the 'Wrecking Ball' hitmaker and Twerking enthusiast is also a Wire taper of note. Who knew? I wonder if she's already having some clandestine conversations with Mr Bursa over a future Bootleg Series there's a thought.
    I'll make an attempt to find the Splash club tape, it's somewhere in a large packing crate of tapes in the garage. I'll put up a link to it., will take some time.....

    "Surely Cyrus is wrong in suggesting Robert was part of the Reading show?"

    The band were still credited as Wire rather than Wir. Robert programmed the drum rhythms but quit a few days prior to this tour, so you could hear his handiwork but he wasn't on stage. There were four people onstage though - Paul Kendall was triggering the samples and mixing onstage as far as I can remember (this was definitely the case at the Hibernian Club show four days before - the one sold as part of the Legal Bootleg Series - anyway).
    At the Manchester Uni show around this time it was solely the 3 Wir men on stage. No PK in sight.
    Two more from Cyrus:

    What a shame this is just a fragment…the quality of this is so sweet
    that you can only sit and salivate over what we do NOT get to hear.
    Oh well, at least we have this little nugget of gold.
    Cheers, Cyrus

    1978, October the 5th
    Kent University, Canterbury, England, UK
    AUD > ? > Cassette > Cassette > Total Recall > wav > Audacity > flac
    12:47 minutes, incomplete

    1. Indirect Enquiries 4:14
    2. Lowdown 2:34
    3. Men 2nd 1:45
    4. On Returning 2:13
    5. Being Sucked In Again (cut) 2:02

    "The University of Kent is actually at Canterbury, not Cambridge." - "blacktocomm"
    Thanks for the for the correction. I fixed it up up above, but of course the folder
    and the text file in it will still be incorrect - Cyrus


    Here we have the earliest known (to me at least) live performances of
    "Go Ahead, "Safe, "Ally In Exile" and "Lorries", and yes, there are a
    couple of nice surprises as always when these guys are introducing new
    material. This is a forceful show - the boys seem to be into
    it. The sound, other than some distorted bass and some occasional minor
    skip-like ticks, is really not that awful - check the sound sample below, and
    judge for yourself.

    Regards, Cyrus

    1979, June the 30th
    Friars Aylesbury Club, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, England, UK

    AUD Tape > ? > Cassette > Total Recall > wav > Audacity > flac
    At 39:01 minutes, I'm going to guess that this is incomplete. It's
    difficult to judge as the contemporaneous setlists are all over the
    map, but they all lasted around a short hour or so. Any thoughts?

    1. Go Ahead
    2. A Question of Degree
    3. Relationship
    4. Midnight Bahnhof Cafe
    5. Underwater Experiences
    6. Blessed State
    7. 2 People In A Room
    8. I Should Have Known Better
    9. Safe
    10. Ally In Exile
    11. Lorries
    I'm personally very pleased the Aylesbury June 30th 1979 performance has turned up as it was a couple of days after the Nottingham Tiffanys show. At which I must admit I was struggling to know what was being played!
    I had many "have I heard this one?" thoughts, having bought Pink Flag & Chairs Missing & the 7"s on release, I can now see why!? :)
    Haven't listened to it yet, but a recording of the show that became Recycling Sherwood Forest is on Dime, including "Pink Flag," which opened the set.
    Was it taken down? I can't locate it.
    likewise , I was really keen to have this as I was at the show , but I can't find it :-(
    • CommentAuthoruri says...
    • (CommentTimeAug 2nd 2014 edited)
    And finally, here it is, my own recording of the Glasgow Splash Club gig of 22/12/85.

    Lots of clearing up to find this one and my tape deck died so I had to buy one of these tape to USB devices. But the results sound good. A few audible artifacts and the unfortunate turn of the cassette in the middle of Drill but that was the way it was then. The soundcheck was a nice bonus and really like the early version of Come Back in Two Halves.


    Thanks, Uri
    Merci buckets.