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    Ok completely off Wire topic (possibly) but let's all see what we're all playing as we type our entry.
    I'll start off and put the cat among the pigeons:
    Dhafer Youssef - Birds Requiem .....utterly awesome
    John Bender's "I Don't Remember Now", electro from the 1980s. Very non-Wire.
    Nils Frahm - Spaces.
    I'm listening to 'Under My Skin I am Laughing' by Earwig which I've just started listening to again after almost 20 years. Anyone remember them? Early 90s kind of post-rock/dream pop (touch of AR Kane/Cocteaus about it) but very stripped down gossamer thin, fragile music with female vocals but kind of unsettling - described in the NME (or possibly MM) as 'music that could turn a room cold' IIRC

    Still stands up!, and is basically the same formula The XX did very well with of a couple of years ago...they were a bit ahead of their time.
    Russell Haswell 5" Vinyl Series LP

    great rubbery mono noise

    there's extra fluff left on the needle after playing - must be the fuzz distortion
    Well I gave up my turntable years ago, and the only vinyl records I own are Wire singles framed on my wall. But I was spinning something so hopefully that counts. Satoko Fujii Quartet - Angelona (Natsuki Tamura, Satoko Fujii, Takeharu Hayakawa, Tatsuya Yoshida)
    To qualify. When I said turntable I also mean CD deck :D

    Currently playing: Can - Edinburgh Festival 1973 (Damo's last gig) bootleg but still brill!
    Diluvial - Bruce Gilbert + BAW
    Tonights noise of choice is...
    Can - Monster Movie. 45 years old and a stunner
    Tim Hecker on continuous play in the car.
    Can never get enough of 'Future Days', (the track), so I might give that a spin tonight - listen on the headphones (nearly said 'cans') whilst wife watches TV. You get some interesting collisions of images / sounds / lyrics that way.
    Larry Young - Lawrence of Newark Dredging up images of Saturn with James Blood Ulmer and Pharaoh Sanders.
    Whoa! The Lawrence of Newark is another stunner. One I will dig out and play tonight methinks!
    happy mondays - calpa your hands (i'm being honest here, jsut dragged a few old singles down for a spin)
    that should've said "clap"
    Yuji Imamura - Air (Three Blind Mice Japan) w/Yasuo Shimura, Renkichi Hayashi, Nobuyoshi Ino, and Hiroshi Murakami. If you like early electric period Miles Davis.
    Lawrence of Newark played. Better each time and just plopped Can - Soundtracks into the player. Bracing myself for the perfect Mother Sky
    I like the sound of Yuji Imamura. Will investigate :D
    This morn' I've been playing
    Nick Drake - Bryter
    Wrangler - BBC Session
    Roly Porter - Massive Star
    Moin 12"
    Curfew Recordings
    This morning have played:
    Can - Unlimited Edition
    Tony Allen - Black Voiced Revisited
    Polar Bear - Peepers
    Les McCann - Invitation To Openess
    Roland Kovac New Set - The Master Said