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    The butler has just brought todays post as I was surveying the acreage here at Eden Mansions.

    Amongst the usual junk mail etc was the King Crimson - Starless box set. 27 discs, made of up 23 CDs, two DVD-As and two blu-ray audio discs!! What a monster!

    The rafters and beams will be vibrating and resonating to this awesome groups music later today and for the next week or so as I work my way through it.

    A worthy addition to the Larks Tongues in Aspic and The Road to Red boxsets that already languish in the music room.
    Object 47 - better than I remembered it. Crank it up and its pretty good. Not great but not the album I remembered as being so-so
    Followed by the much more assured Red Barked Tree and hopefully a future classic Change Becomes Us.
    Following the reading of Robert Wyatt the CD deck at Eden Mansions has been playing various Wyatt CD's along with the Soup Songs 2CD and The More Extended Versions CD of Wyatt songs.
    They get better with age.
    At the moment "Out of Chaos" by Dieter Meier
    • CommentAuthorjw says...
    • (CommentTimeNov 16th 2014)
    "F.B.I." by The Shadows - for the childhood memories. I didn't get my first record until I was 5, but I remember this coming out of the radio in the kitchen and humming along to it. I found the original 7 again in a 2nd hand shop recently. What a brilliant sense of space and attack!
    Dug out John Greaves / Peter Blegvad Kew.Rhone. Still as powerful and enigmatic as ever. Hopefully all will be clarified with new Blegvad book about the album due any day on Uniform Books.
    About to play new Gong album I See that title is familiarish
    A belated birthday present from Mrs. Kevin: Junior Walker and the Allstars - Definitive Collection.
    Smiling from ear to ear as I bounce around Eden Mansions
    Closed Circuit by Electronic Eye (that's Richard H.Kirk to you and me)
    After a few days of Gong-ing its John Coltrane's Offering 2CD that weaves it's magic around the mansion and into my ears
    Weird!! Just finished listening to Coltrane's A Love Supreme.
    The new 3cd from Peter Hammill ...all that might have been... Excellent
    And...Philip Corner's Satie Slowly. My favourite composer played at snail pace. Spellbinding
    Web - I Spider
    Samurai - eponymous album

    Lost classics both
    A busy couple of weeks made more tolerable with the following CD's:

    Phil Manzanera trilogy: Vozero, 6PM and 50 Minutes Later
    Brian Eno: Nerve Net, Shutov Assembly, Neroli and The Drop expanded editions
    Greenslade - Live 73-75, and Live in Stockholm 1975
    Now playing first three Dutch Uncles albums.
    Local boys originally from college where I work. Excellent. New album in February
    Chameleon by Bill Nelson just picked it up on eBay.
    First music of the new year and what better way than the first three Leon Thomas albums: Spirits Known And Unknown, Leon Thomas album, and Blues and the Soulful Truth
    Spacemen 3: Live in Geneva 1989, wild drone psychedelia: Side 2 ("Suicide") is a particularly intense trip...

    Peter Hammill: In Camera & Aphex Twin: Come to Daddy. Great.
    Last Night At Home: It's Brenda (Demo LP) - Christ On A Bike
    On My Car Stereo: Thr33 - Trancel8r
    At Work On My MP3: 12/7/91 Mean Fiddler Bootleg - Wir

    Apologies for self-promotion but the first two LPs are by me!
    Aaah In Camera by pH. A classic!

    In the middle of compiling couple of Fela Kuti CD's for a friend. The official Best of's miss some crucial tracks imho.

    Eden Mansions is grooving!
    Three classic Lonnie Liston Smith CD's