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    I've got the Horrors last album, "Luminous" spinning on the wheel of steel at the moment and on the iPod I'm currently going through the Depeche Mode albums in chronological order (obviously!) but at some point in the next day or so it will be time to do some Julian Cope revision as I'm off to Birmingham next Sunday to see him.
    Starting the day with Brian Eno - Before and After Science
    Happy Birthday Robert Wyatt - 70 years young.

    A quick spin of the Rough Trade singles (Nothing Can Stop Us) and I'm a Believer hits the spot!
    VdGG - Merlin Atmos
    Firing on all cylinders at the top of their game
    Having reinvested in some new hifi, I have recently rediscovered Kraftwerk - TEE's hardly off the turntable/out of the CD tray!!!
    157 previously uncirculated archive Aphex twin tracks from Soundcloud uploaded in Jan/Feb plus I think about 40 more from last November. Plenty to be going on with anyway!
    Bought my Wire / @Headliner's Louisville 6-10-15 tickets this morning

    On my turntable this week (first full week back from some extended southern travels):

    Throbbing Gristle, Second Annual Report (just happened to come across one of the REs in a local shop)
    Albert Ayler, Free Jazz (orig. released as "My Name Is Albert Ayler" 1964) found in Graveface Records in Savannah, GA during the holidays
    Klaus Schultz, Timewind (NM copy found at Rock and Roll Heaven, Orlando FL)

    I was also glad to "capture" some Wire vinyls over the past few months and since I was away from my home stereo most of that time this required some acquisitive patience. Now that I've got the impetus of a new LP and a 2nd chance to see the band these will certainly get some plays:

    Kidney Bingos EP
    Red Barked Tree LP (from PinkFlag)
    Document and Eyewitness... (also from here..had it shipped to me in FL for safekeeping)
    Snakedrill EP (Everybody's Records in Cincinnati, OH)

    cheers, Jim
    Yabby You - Dread Prophecy. Excellent 3CD set from Shanachie label. Lots of rare and previously unreleased to satisfy this YY fan!
    Yuji Imamura - Air
    Herbie Hancock - Crossings
    Masabumi Kikuchi ‎– Wishes
    My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts (Eno/Byrne) ...disappointed one track is amiss on the CD and I can't locate the 'full' vinyl version in my loft.
    Last Train To Lhasa ( Banco De Gaia)
    Rainbow Dome Musick/ L ( Hillage)
    Amorino (Isobel Campbell)

    My CD player holds 5 discs and the random button is illuminated.
    The CD of Bush of Ghosts always had Qu'ran removed. Only available on first edition vinyl pressings.
    ...and is on the US Sire CD from 1981.
    Mulatu Astatke & The Heliocentrics - Inspiration Information 3
    Woima Collective - Frou Frou Rokko
    Craig Leon - Nommos
    Its Burning Spear week at Eden Mansions from Studio One through to his EMI years.

    Even the butler has been seen skanking down the corridors!
    The brilliant new album from Dutch Uncles 'O Shudder' on constant play
    Fourth album in and they get better!
    KLeigh88 said .....and is on the US Sire CD from 1981.

    Are you referring to Eno/Byrne as I thought CDs didnt hit the shops for a couple of years after. My first sight of a CD in a shop was about 83 I think . Anyone I need to hunt down a copy with the full tracklisting on it now !!!
    No brainer. Look on Amazon and copies aplenty available.
    The first Cd I bought was Eno's Thursday Afternoon from 1985. CDs appeared about a year to 18 months before.
    Obviously the US version of Bush of Ghosts wasn't affected, initially, by the ban on the Qu'ran track
    I've always been slightly annoyed about the removal of "Qu'ran", my friend bought the vinyl album sometime around '84, we listened to it and liked it lots and went out and bought it too a couple of weeks later and voila no "Qu'ran" but hello "Very, Very Hungry".
    The US version of Bush of Ghosts contains both Qu'ran and Very Very Hungry. So its a no brainer really which to go for, alongside the remastered, bonus track edition (albeit with crappy new sleeve).