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    Love 'Da Capo'
    I don't really get Love, I've tried a few times but I just feel like I'm missing something.

    I have a small window of me time at the moment so I've just dropped the needle on Adrian Sherwood's "Survival and Resistance"
    Been a busy few weeks but Eden Mansions has been buzzing to:
    Gregory Isaacs classic 70's period
    Moving Hall Star Singers
    Aretha Franklin - Atlantic period
    Staples Singers - early, pre Stax period
    I should be doing the ironing but I'm sneaking in a bit of Michael Rother's "Flammende Herzen" and internet time too.
    Well, I've already finished my ironing, so it's the new Monochrome Set one for me - 'Spaces Everywhere'. Not quite as strong as their last effort, but still as good as ever.
    The Fall(a) - Bend(a) Sinister(a)
    At the moment it's "Apollo" by Brian Eno, I've got the back door open with the sun coming through the window and the birds tweeting outside an ambient Eno seemed the most appropriate choice.

    I've also spun up "Savage Gestures for Charms Sake" by Bill Nelson too this morning, I've been very instrumental so far today.
    Gong - Camembert Electrique - newly remastered from original master tapes and sounding pretty awesome

    which got me onto playing through all my Gong albums up to the last(?) one 'I See You' and the few Daevid Allen's I have.

    Sad loss and his magic will be missed
    Slug - Ripe . Saw them support Dutch Uncles a few weeks ago and they knocked my socks off. The blimin' eck factor. The album doesn't disappoint.
    Wake Up Dead Man - Texas work songs. Had the album donkeys years ago and picked up CD for a steal! Powerful stuff
    After much banging and clattering music of recent Eden Mansions is going through a bit of chill out time with much of Eno's ambient music (starting with Music for Airports) in play mode.
    Currently up to Shutov Assembly (both official and unofficial releases).
    Wire by some beat combo you may have heard of.
    Scatology (Coil)
    L (Steve Hillage)
    TG (live at the Lyceum)
    ATV Compilation
    • CommentAuthorjw says...
    • (CommentTimeApr 18th 2015)
    Colleen's new CD 'Captain of None'
    Lew Stone and his Orchestra 'Solitude'
    Joni Mitchell 'The Hissing of Summer Lawns'
    Biosphere 'Cirque'
    Joan Armatrading 'Down to Zero'
    The Allman Brothers 'Must Have Done Somebody Wrong'
    Jimi Hendrix 'Voodoo Chile'
    Philip Jeck's new CD in the making
    Simon and Garfunkel 'America' (no kidding, listen to it again)
    Kraftwerk 'Radio Land'
    Rockers Almighty Dub
    Misty in Roots 'Mankind'
    Steely Dan 'Pearl of the Quarter'
    Sleaford Mods - Jolly Fucker'
    Paul Giovanni 'Maypole Song' (The Wicker Man soundtrack)
    JJ Cale 'The Woman Who Got Away'
    Velvet Underground 'Sunday Morning'
    Lynn Anderson 'I Never Promised You a Rose Garden'
    Mother Tongue 'The Voice and the Ear'
    Chris Watson 'El Divisadero'
    Pink Floyd 'Careful With That Axe Eugene'

    Joy Division 'The Eternal'
    Wire 'Harpooned'

    What I played at the Rotherhithe Library sound seminar on Thursday 16th April
    So after RSD '15 it's a day of new stuff. Currently playing is the remastered version of "Drinking Gasoline" by Cabaret Voltaire (I know that wasn't a RSD release but it was in the shop for considerably less than I've seen it before inc EBay).

    I've already given the extended version of "Ladytron" by Roxy Music a play, the b side is a bit ... b sidey but I love Ladytron anyway.

    Next I have "Versions Galore EP" by The Pop Group then "My Squelchy Life" by Brian Eno. I was hoping to find "Tested Product" by Test Dept. but missed out on that.
    Prog for 21st Century courtesy of Southamptons A Formal Horse.
    Two amazingly powerful CD EP's: Self titled first and the new Morning Jigsaw
    Electric Orange - Platte, Pop Workshop - Songs Of The Pterodactyl, Itaru Oki - Shirasagi, Dave Godin's Deep Soul Treasures - Volume 1
    VDGG -After the Flood (BBC Sessions 1968-77)
    Florian Fricke - Kailash
    Billy Fay's new album "Who Is The Sender ?", out since yesterday after a delay of a few months.
    Incidentally, Matt Simms plays guitar on one song, Order of the Day, which is also one of my favorite songs in the album.
    Collision Drive - Alan Vega. I was looking for this for about 8 years - finally found a copy in a Winchester record fair. Mint condition + £12 = bargain!
    Dug out the two Lady June CD's - Linguistic Leprosy and Hits and Myths.
    Both still make me smile.
    Followed by Daevid Allen's - 7 Drones
    Hawkwind: This is your Captain speaking, your Captain is Dead.
    11 CD box of all their United Artists output. Phew!
    Steve Hillage : Rainbow Dome Musick
    Invisible Opera Company of Tibet: debut album with Daevid Allen