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    Lonelady: Bunkerpop
    not very original, but yesterday I hit Metal Box, Unknown Pleasures, Pink Moon & Billie Holiday comp!
    Pete Willliams - Roughnecks and Roustabouts

    a contender for album of the year in my humble opinion
    It's Popol Vuh weekend at Eden Mansions. From Affenstunde to Sei still, wisse ICH BIN.

    A genius!
    Kevin, can you recommend a starting point for Popol Vuh? I'm interested in giving them a try but I'm not sure what would be a go "in".
    For me it was the Werner Herzog soundtracks that got me hooked. There is a boxset of these reasonably priced:
    A great starting point. Then work from there. Personally stay away from the latter albums as he kind if incorporated techno and failed. All of the albums from Affenstunde to Sei still, wisse ICH BIN are consistently good but from the third; Hosianna Mantra they are excellent.
    Cheers Kevin I shall dip my toe those albums direction.
    tauchsieder - Herd the Shadows (featuring Colin Newman) 7" single. Lovely slab of electronica with the added bonus of the technicolour vinyl that looks amazing spinning at 45rpm on the deck.

    The Black Tambourines - No Action /bw A Lot of Friends 7" single - Noisy lofi garage rock from the happening town of Falmouth.
    Captain Beefheart - "Lick my decals off baby", Brian Eno - Ambient 4 Land - Plateau of Mirror, Einsturzende Neubaten - "Yu-Gung - (Futter Mein Ego), Neil Young - "Zuma", VDGG - H to He, Who Am the Only One (love the "Emperor in His War Room"!) - Wire - "Eardrum Buzz" (backed with "The Offer" which I think is one of Wire's best song's (heavenly melodies).
    The Pop Group - 'Citizen Zombie' & 'Versions Galore' :-)
    Good choice Martin....saw them live a few weeks ago, brilliant!
    Yes, I saw them recently in Liverpool,they were spot on. Before that it was 1978 (or thereabouts) ;-)
    A busy few weeks for the Lord of Eden Mansions, but music has been played.
    Revisited first two Roxy Music albums (deluxe reissues with bonus material due later this year) and the first Eno albums.
    Forgot how awesome they still sound and so many lessons learnt and still to be learnt by any new band with ears.
    The line of influence is clear through to Wire and beyond...
    A Bell is a Cup and It Seems as I recently picked both of them up!
    Also, Antemasque's self titled album, Cibo Matto's Hotel Valentine, and Nick Cave's Dig Lazarus Dig!!!
    With the recent 80th birthday of Terry Riley Eden Mansions has been vibrating to Terryji's wonderful music, from In C to his recent Aleph.

    1st December - and now the sad news that his beloved Ann has flown after lengthy illness. My heart goes out to Terryji and family.
    "I've already given the extended version of "Ladytron" by Roxy Music a play, the b side is a bit ... b sidey but I love Ladytron anyway."

    What exactly is this extended version of which you speak?

    EDIT: found out what this is, a no-doubt essential piece but which is kept out of the reach of ordinary folk by part of the current 'rock for the rich' expensive vinyl campaign that is intended to give record companies a last boost before they all go belly-up. Hopefully it'll turn up on CD - without pops and crackles! - sometime ...
    A plethora of items being brought by the butler in the morning post:
    Seven early Nina Simone albums on 4CD collection
    Kamasi Washington's The Epic - awesome 3CD debut!
    Strong Like Sampson - so-so 2CD collection of Linval Thompson productions
    Half a dozen excellently remastered bootleg reggae reissue. Shhh!
    Miles Davis - Live at Newport 1955-75 . 4CD
    Miles Davis - Live in Japan 1975 2CD
    Songhoy Blues - Music in Exile

    All blowing my socks off!
    Nina Simone - Four Women: Complete Philips recordings
    Nina Simone - Complete RCA recordings
    Laraaji - All in One Peace (3 cassette)
    These are the sounds down our end of the Caesar Augustus memorial sewer...
    The Mallards canard: 'From quack to crack, A ducks tail'
    Captain Beefheart 'Safe As Milk'
    Brian Eno 'Apollo'
    Ministry 'The Mind is a Terrible Thing to Taste'