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    Robert Haigh 'The Silence Of Ghosts'
    Jonathan Coleclough & Andrew Chalk 'Sumac'
    Talking Heads 'Remain In Light'
    Eno tallks to Tom Robinson (IPlayer)
    C Duncan - Architect
    New Order - Music Complete
    John Grant - Grey Tickles Black Pressure
    Lonelady - Hinterland

    plus from the enjoying Cabaret Voltaire - Radiation the BBC Recordings
    Sparks - early stuff recorded in UK - 'Kimono' plus the next two.. Am I alone in hearing hints of Magazine in there?
    Yeah, those three Island LPs still stand the test of time and you can definitely hear their influence on later bands. I was listening to the first three Simple Minds albums last weekend and Sparks-ish moments are definitely there.

    I'm currently overdosing on Faith No More's 'Sol Invictus'...
    And of course, early Simple Minds guitar and McGeoch's Magazine output was suitably similar...
    Frank Zappa - Baby Snakes
    Killing Joke - Pylon
    Alternative TV - Opposing Forces
    Jah Wobble - 7
    Miles Davis - Live In Tokyo 1975
    Daisy Bell - London

    ATV - Viva La Rock 'N' Roll. The Complete Deptford Fun City Recordings 1977-1980
    Gang of Four - Entertainment (still sounding as good as the day it was released)
    Killing Joke - Pylon (still producing great music after nearly 40 years)
    British Sea Power - Sea Of Brass (double vinyl) super!
    King Crimson - Thrak box (12 CDs of sheer brilliance)
    Russell Mills - Still Moves1 ( double CD, book retrospective. First of a planned three)
    Hox - Duke of York (Graham et al on a roll with this)
    Ooh, the Thakk box, I'm well jell!
    Slim says...
    Ooh, the Thakk box, I'm well jell!

    whilst not my fave period KC (that honour goes the 72-74 band with Wetton, Bruford, Cross and Fripp) this box shows how powerful the double trio was. The remix of Thrak album has put drummers Pat and Bill on severe pan left and right so now you can distinguish who is playing what and only goes to show just what a brilliant drummer Bill Bruford was.
    AttaKcathraKc continues the idea of ThraKcattaKc (not included) with more full onslaught improvs.
    The three live shows (each over two discs), AzteKc, Kcensington and New YorKc are powerful.

    What has Fripp up his sleeve for the next box set instalments one wonders?
    Not been on here for a while, but thought I'd pop in and tell y'all about a cracking new lp I've come across - it's Highly Dangerous Black Tarantula by Teeth Of The Sea. I know nowt about them except they're a four piece from London! I have a previous lp of theirs, but this new one is awesome (a word I do not use lightly)! They're like, perhaps, the bastard offspring of Mogwai & Suicide, but more menacing & powerful....& with horns!!

    Play the opening track, All My Venom, at rather high volume & you'll feel your ears are being assaulted by Tyson Fury. - DIG IT!
    Never heard of Teeth of the Sea but I'm giving them a try right now. Really good stuff—your departure points of Mogwai abd Suicide are apt. In the song "Field Punishmen," I can even hear early New Order.
    good call Doc.
    Teeth of the Sea were part of the line-up of the first Drill Festival in London in 2013, and have played Drill with Wire at the Cafe Oto in that occasion.

    s. here

    Their new album is excellent IMO.
    That's got to be about the time i stumbled across Your Mercury. I think I prefer TOTS & Wire as separate entities doing their own thing!
    David Bowie: Aladdin Sane, Station to Station, Low, Heroes, Scary Monsters, Outside, Heathen, Blackstar.
    I'm with you that Object + TMWSTW + Hunky Dory + Ziggy + Diamond Dogs + Young Americans + Lodger +Blackstar + Blackstar + Blackstar ad infinitum!
    Bowie - the new one. On heavy rotation
    Fat Freddys Drop - Bays
    A few live Miles Davis CD's from the 70's
    Klaus Wiese
    Alice Coltrane
    Keith Hudson - Tuff Gong Sessions