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    Nearly finished my DB embargo, just too upsetting, sticking with various On.U & 70s reggae & dub, oh, & Regis 'Manbait'.
    Bowie - Lazarus....many times
    Plenty Popol Vuh / Florian Fricke from Affenstunde to Cobra Verde.

    Life affirming stuff!
    Having a bit of a Klaus Wiese fest here at Eden Mansions.

    The butler is very blissed out when he brings me my morning tea and toast

    The groundsmen are a bit more cynical and prefer death metal on their headphones!!
    Love it when I'm introduced to new sounds via this site (reliable contributors, of course). Kevin - just checking out Klaus Wiese.
    Stunning! I'm with the butler!
    Thanks for the comment mark'em. Move onto Al Gromer Khan. May your bliss continue
    Here at Eden Mansions we continue our bliss journey with Klaus Wiese.
    On delivering the mornings paper's the butler informs me, with a snort, that the head gardener was in the greenhouse blasting out extreme dub step, much to the announance of cook and the maid who were hanging out the washing! I think words will have to be had.
    Change of mood here at Eden Mansions.
    The complete Thelonious Monk Live with Columbia box set.
    Its brought a whistle to the butler when he brings me the morning papers!
    Not on the turntable as such but I've just had a notification from Spotify that "Voice" by Colin has been uploaded and I'm listening to that for the first time. I've never heard it before and it's not what I was expecting, I was ready for something a bit more bleepy.
    Gene Clark solo albums .. Funnily enough : "No Other": reminds me of "154" ... If trumpets are feasible lets perhaps have a banjo noise and some crazy harpsichord mood . It reeks of possibility .
    The Dead C - Operation of the Sonne
    After blissing out to much Klaus Wiese these past few weeks Eden Mansions has upped the tempo (much to the head gardeners approval) with a recent batch of reggae reissues:

    The Morwells - Crab Race
    Jimmy Riley - Showcase / Majority Rule
    Page One - Observation of Life Dub

    and the classic extended reissue of Augustus Pablo's Original Rockers (this latter bringing a spring to the butler's step when he brings me my morning paper and tea). I swear I saw him skank out of the room the other morning. Words will be had.
    Rediscovering the joys of Paul Schutze and the glacial stillness of Thomas Koner here at Eden Mansions.
    Also just unpacked the recent box set of Harry Bertoia Sonambient complete works.
    The butler rolled his eyes when he saw the contents of the package. I think he was hoping for Death Metal Hits Vol 23.
    The first copy of Nocturnal Koreans sold - one of four vinyl test pressings on sale at the Independent Label Market on Saturday. Heard it three times now. Recommended.
    Having had Eden Mansions thrumming, vibrating, resonating and generally elevated by the Harry Bertoia boxset this last week the butler smiled when heard King Crimson - Live in Toronto 2015 blasting out of the gramophone.
    Not quite death metal but 21st Century Schizoid Man puts a spring back in his step.
    All Them Witches - Dying Surfer Meets His Maker. Black Keys on acid! Nice!
    Wigging along n out to Pissedcolas Glue Gun 12" -
    After the awesome King Crimson-ing of last week Eden Mansions has been grooving to the sounds of Lunar Dunes and Solus 3; two interrelated bands but with a different vibe each.
    The butler seems to approve. Normal service seems to have been resumed. My tea arrives hot and in the cup, not on the saucer. and my morning paper is suitably ironed and not looking like the dog has had a go at it.
    Nocturnal Koreans (1/2 Long Player)....after waiting a couple of weeks to have my amplifier fixed, a great mini-album containing lots of great wire moments
    This is some of the most brilliant fucked up shit I've heard in a while:

    Dälek - Masked Laughter (Nothing's Left) [OFFICIAL VIDEO] - YouTube