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    Eden Mansions will be a-buzz tonight, with the new Wire mini offering and the new Brian Eno -The Ship.
    Will also be hoping to fit in the much overdue Mbongwana Star - From Kinshansa CD.
    A varied and various crop of goodies that I hope the butler approves of. Otherwise that's my bedtime Horlicks ruined!
    I looked in to the Lunar Dunes that are so beloved at Eden Mansions and it is very enjoyable space rock.

    I don't have a turntable but I have also been listening this week to Thee Oh Sees, Monoshock, Meat Puppets, Comets on Fire, Ty Segall, and The Major Stars, as well as Nocturnal Koreans...
    If you like Lunar Dunes try Solus 3. Same-ish line up and even spacier - dubier. Excuse the lame description.

    In the meantime last night Eden Mansions swooned to the tones of Marvin Gaye's Lets Get It On deluxe edition.

    The butler was seen to go weak at the knees as this amazing music drifted through the hallowed hallways.
    I've been getting down to the sounds of Brian Eno's "The Ship", "I'm Set Free" is a thing of beauty.

    I've also been giving my other half's Prince discs a spin.
    Kevin, thank you, I'll cue up Solus 3. I remember that was the other one you mentioned, not sure why I checked out one and not the other. I do like Lunar Dunes but it may be more as background music. Basically, if I were to randomly play just about any few minute segment of their two albums I love it, but all at once all the way through makes my mind wander a bit...however I have to listen to it a little more before I can pronounce a responsible verdict.

    Today Goat and Gnod, and a little Bevis Frond...
    ...and some recently leaked demos by the Fall, which are outstanding.

    But none of this is on a turntable--do people treat this as an all-purpose "what are you listening to?" thread, or am I in violation of etiquette?
    New Death Grips- Bottomless Pit
    Title track is outstanding. Sounds like the bastard child of Pink Flag and Send.

    "I'll fuck you in half"
    Eden Mansions going back to the archive for some early Talking Heads:
    1975 CBS DEMOS
    CBGB'S 1975 AND 29TH JULY 1976
    OCEAN CLUB, NEW YORK 17/8/76

    Stripped down and raw, but still a phenomenal band. I can still remember the first time I heard 'Love > Building On Fire' on Peel Show. Jaw dropping
    Not quite turntable or CD deck but spent last few days travelling with Laraaji on UK tour. A joy!

    Wonderful support acts last night at The Art School, Glasgow were Iona Fortune and Happy Meals. Check them out. Iona only on Soundcloud but album due out end of the year. Happy Meals have product out.
    Here at Eden Mansions the butler has just delivered on his silver tray a bunch of new CD arrivals. An eclectic mix, but he's used to that by now:

    Vivien Goldman - Resolutionary
    Tyrannosaurus Rex - A Crown of Dark Swansdown (live in Koln 4th April 1970)
    The Revolutionaries - Burning Dub
    Well Pleased and Satisfied - Give Thanks & Praise / Love Train
    Studio One Dub Fire Special

    I've been on what I believe the younger generation call a tip, a Japan tip. I'm currently reading the recent biography and I've all their albums in order (yes, including the first two really shit ones) as a sound track then into the solo albums, I have to say it's been a long time since I've heard a lot of this stuff and I think it's stood the test of time quite well.

    In the vain hope of restoring some street cred, I've also got my hands on the new Death in Vegas's new album "Transmission" and it's a completely different beast from what came before. They've done all sorts of strands of electronica over the years but this latest one is touching the edges of ambient with an hour or so of drones. I think it demands more listens and probably with a few more dBs too.

    Last weekend I dipped my toe in the world of The Residents with "Eskimo" and "Not Available" and after these I think getting my foot a bit wetter very soon.
    Slim, if you can somehow get to see the Residents docu Theory Of Obscurity (if you've not caught it already), that may enhance your listening experience
    Oh and while we're on, for me this past couple of days it's been
    Gazelle Twin
    Keaton Henson
    Golden Palominos
    Vic Chesnutt
    Ian B, thanks for that I'll see if I can find it

    Holy River Family Band and the related Spacious Mind
    Gene Clark
    Flower Travellin Band
    Heron Oblivion
    Lotto - Elite Feline
    Julia Kent. Wonderful stuff with layered/looped cello. Has several albums on her own site, but Asperities is the one that's getting heavy rotation at the moment!
    She's excellent. I've seen her several times live.
    only just discovered her - will be looking out for her.