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    Now only available as digital download but quick conversion to CDR means this is now on heavy rotation at Eden Mansions. Even the butler is grooving to it:

    Psychic Temple play Music For Airports

    The review description of Miles Davis 'In A Silent Way' meets Brian Eno is not far off the mark. Inspired!
    Eden Mansions thrumming to Laraaji/Sun Araw - Professional Sunflow 2LP/DL as well as catching up on two missed the first time round Mandekalou CD's. Beautiful music from the crème de la crème of Mali/Guinea djeli tradition.

    The butler seen rolling his eyes at first , but I'm sure I saw a away of the hips as he sached down the hall .
    Everybody, got "Sparked - Modular Remix Project" by Wrangler on Friday and I've been enjoying it all weekend with a smattering of "Sulk" by The Associates by way of some pop relief.
    Gnod and Gnod/White Hills (various albums)

    Inner City Unit Pass Out

    Cosmic Dead Inner Sanctum

    Acid Mothers Temple Mantra of Love

    Oneida (various albums)

    Townes Van Zandt (various albums)

    Jerry Garcia Band The Long Island Sound
    A bunch of traditional music CDR's dropped on the mat, at Eden mansions, a few days ago sent by my dear friend Dave Coppenhall:
    Balinese and Javanese, Sardinian polyphony music, L'Ensemble Instrumental du Mali to name a few stand-outs

    The butler was caught with his ear to the door wondering what these beautiful and exotic sounds could be.

    thank you Dave
    Today I have been listening to Gnod/White Hills Drop Out II, Cave Neverendless, A few songs from Chairs Missing, Black Dice Beaches and Canyons, and now Sun Araw On Patrol...
    The rafters at Eden Mansions have been rattling and sending down dust (the cleaner has been asked to get up the ladders and stop being a scaredycat) to some serious dub reissues:
    Greensleeves \ VP reissues of the series of Scientist albums (6 in total) all now with second disc of original, equally heavy vocal versions.
    And from Japan two superb Bunny Wailer compilations of singles from the Solomonic archives. All classic tracks.
    Having been playing the Kasai Allstars Beware The Fetish 2CD on heavy rotation for the past few days (even the butler seemed to approve) there was a move from the music room to the cinema room at Eden Mansions as 5 Magma DVD's arrived Mythes & Legendes Vol I-V.

    The butler sniffed in disdain as I opened the package from France. Volume 1 played and cranked up loud. What a band and to watch Christian Vander in action at close quarters is a joy to behold. A master drummer par excellence!

    Update: Volume 2 played and a joy to watch Jannick Top return to the stage and play his classic bass riff on De Futura. Pummelled comes to mind. wow!
    Currently (apart from my Graham obsession), I've been listening to Elmer Bernstein's soundtrack from the 1955 Frank Sinatra film 'The Man with the Golden Arm'.

    I've never been into jazz, but it's wonderful, and the playing is out of this world. The film's probably Frank's best, too.

    Sadly, there are only snippets of it on You Tube (including versions by The Sweet, of all people!), but it's so cheap as a CD on Amazon that it's well worth a punt.

    I defy you to listen to just the first minute or so and not go around humming it for days.
    Yes, great movie, Osimabu, and it was an even better novel, I think.

    Today I've been on a binge, and I expect to keep it up for another 18 hours or so:

    I've been playing selections from:
    Korai Orom s/t
    Circle Andeselkt
    Thee Oh Sees Floating Coffin
    Can Monster Movie ("You Doo Right"!)
    Follakzoid III
    Jerry Garcia Pure Jerry volume I
    A Bell is a Cup ("Boiling Boy")
    A great old song, "Path Through the Forest" by The Factory
    A few from John Cale, "Gun," "Mr. Wilson" and "Heartbreak Hotel"
    And "The Prophet Am I" from Mind of a Brother by the Spacious Mind

    Next up: The Fall, I hope to play lots of selections from various periods of their career with an emphasis on c21

    On edit, I guess italics don't work, I had a bunch of [i][/i] and it wound up looking just like that...
    Now [i]Haida Deities[/i] by Holy River Family Band.

    I see if one switches to Html one can use italics...

    EDIT: Nope!
    Swell Maps, A Trip to Marineville, and now Jane From Occipied Europe. Dynamite!
    Eden Mansions has enjoyed relative peace the last few days as I have been out and about, hither and thither.
    Came home to find the butler had left me a few packages to open, one of which was a newish 9 CD box set of Erik Satie piano works which have been now listened to.
    Even the butler approved
    A busy and quiet August at Eden Mansions in equal measure, but not without some new sounds landing on the door mat.

    Some more Erik Satie CD to add to the collection.

    The new Laura Mvulu has been on heavy rotation (as it only clocks in at 35+ minutes) and a real gem it is.

    eagerly awaiting arrival of the 3cd/2dvd/1blu-ray limited edition 'Radical Action To Unseat The Hold Of Monkey Mind' live King Crimson offering and

    the new new Gong album 'Rejoice! I'm Dead!" and on that note RIP Gilli Smyth. Hoping she's having a lovely cup of tea on the other side of the sky.
    I've gone for the other version of "Radical Action" box set, that should arrive early next week.

    My other sounds have been almost exclusively old Word podcasts, they were brilliant listens back then and they still are now all these years later and they are remarkably prescient too.
    Cul De Sac, the new Thee Oh Sees, and Clinic, the last of which in some ways reminds me a little of Wire...
    Well.. watched the DVD and played the CD's and Radical Action is a thing of beauty.

    Fripp smiling!! Here is a man at peace with the world and his music and what a band!

    Some old faves from way back and some newer equally fascinating pieces. A second listen/viewing is in order.

    even the butler is starting to appreciate Crims magnificence.
    Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Skeleton Tree
    Gong - Rejoice! I'm Dead! has been on heavy rotation at Eden Mansions.

    It sounds very... err.. Gong! And a great re-boot to the legacy of daevid allen.

    Rejoice! They're Alive!
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    This week has been a bit of a hoch poch of the new Yello album "Toy" and the new Paul Haig compilation of old stuff "Metamorphosis" and some Spacemen 3 bootlegs.

    Just to keep the flame burning for Wrangler, their new album "White Glue" is their best work so far.