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    A mixed bag of music has been brought to me by the butler here at Eden Mansions.

    VdGG _ Do Not Disturb. They still continue to be inventive and confound
    Arvo Part -The Deers Cry - beautiful vocal arrangements of some familiar and less familiar work
    Afro-Haitian Experimental Orchestra - featuring Tony Allen and not a duff track on it. Awesome
    Noura Mint Seymali: Arbina - second album and a scorcher

    The butler cant comprehend this eclectic bunch being played one after the other and just rolls his eyes. Although I did notice a slight skip to the step when the AHEO Cd was spun.
    Liars--Drum's Not Dead
    Oneida--The Wedding, Pre-teen Weaponry
    Thee Oh Sees--A Weird Exits
    Spititualized--Lazer Guided Melodies
    Bit of a retro period at Eden Mansions with a pile of Yes albums (from The Yes Album through to Relayer) arriving, along with
    King Crimson - On (and off) The Road 19CD/Blue Ray/DVD box set of the 80's period band.

    The Butler is not in the best mood at the moment with these blasting out, prefers more 4 on the floor stuff.
    Television: 1992 self-titled release
    Colin Newman: A-Z
    Minimal Compact: Returning Wheel compilation
    Steely Dan: Can't Buy a Thrill
    Killing Joke: Pylon
    Cate Le Bon - Crab Day
    Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - Skeleton Tree
    Keaton Henson - Kindly Now
    Apart from Colin's re-issues (obviously), I've recently been, belatedly, getting into Aussie alt-rockers The Drones! I think he's got a great voice, tho' many wouldn't I suspect. Their storytelling of Aus in days gone by is captivating! Gutted they are no more!
    Carla Dal Forno - You Know What It's Like
    Cam - Mirror Confrontations
    No new music at Eden Mansions of recent but a reconnecting with some older music:

    all of David Sylvian's earlier Virgin albums, and all speaking to me

    and some strange synchronicities playing King Crimson - In the Court of the Crimson King, and the next day the news that Greg Lake has flown. Sad news.
    also John Coltrane's epic - A Love Supreme only to discover the day I played it was the anniversary of the day he recorded it!!
    Captain Beefheart, most everything a smattering of Pretty Things, Karen Dalton, and Hey Colossus.
    All sorts and allsorts at Eden Mansions of recent:

    How could I have overlooked the incredible Terry Riley - Autodreamological Tales.
    Also a few live King Crimson CD's from the 1971/2 configuration with Boz Burrell, Mel Collins and Ian Wallace in the line up. So underappreciated at the time methinks.

    The Butler stays well away when KC are playing
    The festivities are over once more at Eden Mansions as the Butler and other staff totter up ladders and remove baubles and trimmings from the house restoring it to normality.

    A few reggae oldies/reissues in Santa's sack for me:
    Burning sounds double 4CD compilation
    Rico - Man From Wareika / Wareika Dub

    Brian Eno - Reflection
    plus a few Gong and Daevid Allen releases overlooked first time round and much joy they brought too.

    Interesting to see where 2017 leads musically and every which otherwise.

    Happy NOW HERE one an all !!
    "Brian Eno - Reflection"

    I've been playing the app version of that a lot. It's an interesting one – potentially playing endlessly and subtly changing throughout the day.
    Craig, do you think you'd listen to the app as much as you would a record or CD? I was thinking about it but it's a bit pricey and I'm not that sure I'd play it that often on my ipad or phone.
    It depends on your set-up, I suppose. I work from home, and can easily enough route my iPad into my amp. And the nature of Reflection is such that I'm quite happy with it playing in the background for hours. (I have hearing issues and tinnitus that makes silence a problem sometimes.) I think if I worked in an office or something, it'd be less compelling – although it does (unlike Scape) at least work on iPhone as well as iPad.
    Cheers Craig
    The soundtrack to this moment is Richard H Kirk's #7489 boxset.
    Outside - David Bowie
    I think this one holds up really well. Some really good moments.
    keith -

    yes, Outside is pretty amazing but having compared it against The Leon Tapes bootleg of the original sessions it bears very little resemblance and under pressure Bowie was asked to make a more palatable album than the all out experimentation that the sessions were.
    I see them now as two separate pieces of work with Outside being the song album with some of the monologues drawn from The Leon Tapes and the latter being the well-spring of what could have been.
    and what a great pity Bowie and Eno couldn't get together for part 2: Contamination
    On Bowie's death Eno mentioned that they had spoken of getting together to re-open The Leon Tapes and try and release something to what was originally intended
    It's been a fairly organic/cosmic few days a Eden Mansions with the arrival of some belated Daevid Allen / Gilli Smyth / Mother Gong Cd's landing on the mat.

    The Butler was seen smiling and whistling to himself to some of the songs, but I doubt he could join in with Gilli's space whisper.
    Beefheart, Fairport Convention, Richard Thompson...