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    Push The Sky Away - Nick Cave. Sumptuous!
    I haven't heard The Leon Tapes bootleg, Kevin. I will look into that
    I'm not keen on the skit parts of Outside but love the music parts.

    Anyway, Having a lazy Sunday again & listening to Big Audio Dynamite on the computer but the ironing beckons & I have John Hassell's City Works of Fiction lined up on the turntable.
    I don't know how I missed them all this time but the Feelies are doing it for me now.
    The butler continues his jauntiness around Eden Mansions as more Gilli Smyth / Mother Gong is spun. A couple of particular faves are the Gong Matrices CD and the CD she did with Stephen Lawry (aka Steffie Sharpstrings) as Glo.

    Great shame the Robot Woman trilogy has still not been reissued in any format since release in late 70's/early 80's.

    The Butler was not keen on an evening of Can, celebrating the greatness, and yes, genius of Jaki Leibezeit. But I don't pay him to be keen. hahahaha
    A quieter time at the Mansion of recent.

    Backtracking on some older Laraaji releases (most of it private released) and some Balinese Kecak chanting (Monkey chant).

    The latter completely freaks the Butler out, so I play it loud hahahaha
    Alles Weider Offen - Einstrzunde Nuebauten. don't play their stuff that often, but whenever I do I wonder why not!
    Nightingales - Become Not Becoming 10" EP (Tiny Global)

    Flat Worms - Red Hot Sand 7" ep (Volar)
    Today seems like a good day for "Album" by PIL.
    Stooges, This Heat, Camberwell Now, Pink Floyd, Silver Apples, and Grateful Dead.
    Diamondhead - Phil Manzanera, Read and Burn (green), No New York.
    Not so much on the turntable or even music as such but I've dipping into the Red Bull Music Academy's Fireside chats, currently listening to Moby.
    Apart from Silver/Lead the mansion has been vibrating to a batch of recent reissues from Brother Ah; three CD reissues and a 3 CD set of unreleased albums. Awesome!
    WIRE Silver/Lead
    WIRE Eyewitness and Document
    Gabriella Cohen Full Closure and No Details
    my own demos
    Stereolab SOUND Dust
    Gag - Fad Gadget
    Neither Washington Nor Moscow - Redskins
    various Bowie live albums of surprisingly good recording quality. The Dissonance gig with NiN is particularly good!
    last night I played Dream Underground by Piano Wire at rather a high volume, which may have annoyed the neighbours a tad! Later I played Unknown Pleasures a bit quieter, which may also have annoyed them as the couldn't hear it!
    Love - Forever Changes

    Michael O'Shea - WMO cd Comp
    Various Scientist, Prince Jammy, King Tubby dub albums vibrating the rafters...part of huge sort out and clear out of what to keep and what's to go...with everything in the Mansion

    Change is afoot and embraced