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    I've been sunk deep into Grateful Dead all emerging just in time to see Wire in Philly this month...
    On my virtual turntable over the last few days it's been a combination of the "Pod Save America" podcast (which for somebody from the UK is like sensible Americas trying to rationalise their president and realising it's not possible on a bi-weekly basis - highly recommended).

    Music-wise it's been "A Thousand Strands" by The Dandelion Set (this is a collection of tracks recorded by a part-time band between 1975 and 2015). The best track is called "Judy Switched Off the TV" which has a spoken word vocal by Alan Moore (knows the score) which is brilliant. I highly recommend this album, buy it now, you won't regret it, unless you do but thems the breaks.
    The Mansion has been vibrating to much Indian classical music of an attempt to sift through and decide what's staying and what's going.

    The clear out continues unabated through all genres and so revealing as to what still holds interest and what no longer does.
    H Hawkline - I Romanticize
    A backup hard drive has made friends with the TV, and is serenading me with Andy Partridge and Harold Budd's "Through the Hill". Melodic, more structured than Budd's habitual style.
    Recently, I've become obsessed with 'No cows on the ice' from The First Letter, yet I always feel slightly guilty about enjoying it knowing Rob wasn't playing on it.