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    Just back from seeing my old mucker Laraaji live in Manchester. Meeting up again tomorrow for laughter workshop. So... Essence/Universe to lull me to sleep
    Lee Scratch Perry 'Back at the Controls'
    Great double CD of music despite Perry's a-mumbling and a-grumbling which gets a bit tiresome
    Eating breakfast with the doors open and John Martyn's "Inside Out" spinning up on the turntable.
    Both new EGL CD's. Good to hear him on fine form
    Brazil v Mexico on the box. Sound on mute. Inane commentary. So Joao Gilberto fills the aural gap
    Sol Invictus - In the rain. A fabulous album!
    All Over + All Under by E.G. Lewis
    All Over + All Under by E.G. Lewis

    Commercial Suicide - Colin Newman

    F# A# Oo - godspeed you black emperor
    A great Godspeed album. Whetted my appetite to dig it out and play again
    Your right about the Godspeed album Kevin. It's the first one I've bought, though I have been aware of them for a while. Will definitely be investigating their other work
    You absolutely must. They won't disappoint. Music for Films that haven't been made, or they have but don't exist anymore lol
    'A Sound Spectacular STEREO Space Odyssey' - The London Philharmonic Orchestra with Pipe Organ and Electronic Synthesiser Effects. "A Speaker to Speaker Trip in Thrilling Spacial Stereo" apparently ;-)

    The New World Show Orchestra with The Linden Singers, (Kenneth Alwyn Conducts) - 'Highlights from Ivor Novello's 'Glamorous Night' and 'Careless Rapture'

    Dr.Buzzard's Original Savannah Band Goes To Washington (August Darnell & Co.) ;-)
    A very upbeat and dancey type Saturday. Maybe coz it's the longest day but started with Laraaji/Audio Active 'The Way Out is the Way In' then moved to Eno/Cale 'Wrong Way Up' and then, once again, Eno/Hyde 'Someday World '...never tire of them.
    Kevin, how would you rate "Someday World"? I've looked at it a couple of times but not pulled the trigger yet.

    It's a morning of contradictions, Kasabian's 48:13 followed by the Psychogeography disc from Jon Hassell's City reissue.
    Fossil Aerosol Mining Project: 17 Years In Ektachrome

    Really engaging album on Paul Kirk's Handheld label. Full of analogue grain and warmth. Long form drones/loops, crackly media snippets. Very mid period :zoviet*france: Very hauntological, to us the current parlance, and a perfect soundtrack to Mark Fisher's highly recommended new book Ghosts Of My Life: Writings on depression, hauntology and lost futures (Zero Books).
    Slim - I love Someday World. If you liked Wrong Way Up then it's for you.
    Very upbeat, Eno in song mode. I love it.
    Another gloriously sunny day so why not some classic Cuban music. The amazing Benny Moré blasting the dust from the rafters. Even the groundsman of Eden Manors could hear it whilst fixing the fencing at the bottom field.
    The excellent School of Seven Bells (who covered Used To on their very first single, you may remember) have just released a single which features the very last music recorded by guitarist and main songwriter Ben Curtis.

    It's a cover of Joey Ramone's I Got Knocked Down (But I'll Get Up) and was apparently recorded from his hospital bed while being treated for the t-cell lymphoblastic lymphoma which eventually claimed his life at the end of the year.

    Saw SVIIB less than two years ago and they were superb. Desperately tragic that Ben died just when they were really motoring (the last two releases, 2012's Ghoststory album and 2013's Put Your Sad Down EP were both terrific).

    Anyway, the single is absolutely fantastic and one of the best things they ever did, even if it's horribly bittersweet.

    Here it here:

    And then, you know, go buy it.
    A mixed bag of a morning.
    Ba-benzelé and Baka pygmies in the rainforest, Nick Drake 'a day gone by...' bootleg and Laraaji and Arji 'live at dublab November 2013'
    And Jon Hassell's sublime masterpiece 'Possible Musics'. I cannot imagine how many times I've played this since I bought it in 1980. I never tire of it and always leaves me awe struck.