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    This week I have mostly been listening to my old Hula (the band from Sheffield, not the exotic dance) collection in chronological order, I'm up to the b-side of the "Freeze Out" 12" but as I write it's Grace Jones "Nightclubbing". I have got my He Said 12" singles lined up for later.
    Mystic Eyes - Mysterious
    Rod Taylor - Gsrden of Eden 1975-80
    Phil Pratt - Star Wars Dub
    Phil Pratt - The War is On Dub
    Miles Davis - Cologne 12/11/71 bootleg
    Miles didn't do any studio recordings on 1971, mores the pity as this band is a mother!
    He took them out on two extensive European tours in February and November. This recording is as good as they got and of the dozen shows I have that's a tough call. They were on fire every night. In Cologne the interplay of Keith Jarrett and the percussionists is breathtaking. The rhythm section of Michael Henderson and drummer Leon Chancler (who was sacked after the November tour) are firing on all cylinders.
    Columbia's ongoing bootleg series will reach 1971 next and I don't envy their task. Hopefully they'll unearth the master tapes from WDR, without the German commentary, and include this awesome show.
    So good I played it twice!
    Just For A Moment - Ultravox (Systems Of Romance)
    John Tavener - BBC Prom 2014. Already have Ikon of Light and The Lamb in my collection but the last work of his Requiem Fragments sends shivers...
    Watching and listening to DVD bootleg of Jon Hassell and group live at Financial Trade Center 1989. After all these years his stuff still makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up on end. Awesome
    General Strike: Danger In Paradise.

    Toop/Beresford/Cunningham's finest hour.
    Woke up with the urge for Chairs Missing, so I did.
    Not played it in.....ages. Like meeting an old friend. Still recognisable but something new I had forgotten or missed.
    God...they were good and MT's production is so underwritten about. He caught the moods of each song so perfectly.
    'From the Nursery' a chilling lyric for a chilling subject and how very apposite and relevant even today.
    The new D&EW
    Peter Gabriel -Back to Front CD/DVD
    Gussie - On the Right Track
    The last of the summer sun down at Eden Manor and we thought we'd have a bop.

    Vols 1-6 of Kenya Partout compilations. Great Benga music from mid to late 70's.

    followed by some mellow, chill down from Franco et le TPOK Jazz.
    Miles Davis - A Tribute To Jack Johnson
    Miles Davis - Tutu
    Wire - CBU
    Frank Zappa - Road Tapes Venue #2
    The Monochrome Set - Jack
    Eno/Byrne - My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts
    TG - 20 Jazz Funk Greats & TG Now
    Wire - Various live (From all over the ruddy place!) & misc studio
    Spacemate by Sudden Sway and I even tried to make sense of the "instructions" but gave up.
    Now I'm listening to "Saint Julian" by Julian Cope.
    Plenty Super Djata and Zani Diabate
    Vaughan Williams - A London Symphony (LPO Adrian Boult)
    Sparks - A Woofer In Tweeter's Clothing
    Mike Oldfield - Hergest Ridge
    David Bowie - Images
    Chairs Missing.....................................bliss!
    Since the last bulletin...above.. Eden Manor has been throbbing, buzzing, melting and grooving to numerous sounds from Mali, Senegal, D.R. Congo and the Arab world:
    Faiza Ahmed
    Ragheb Alame
    Tabu Ley and M'bilia Bel
    Sali Sidibe
    Ali Farka Toure

    to name a few. Sonic heaven
    If you think D&EW is an aggressive audience then listen to Fripp and Eno live in Paris. Wolf whistles , shouting, clapping, stamping. Still an amazing performance
    Lottsa Arabic music
    Lottsa Soukous