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    I wanted to see if some of the people here have recorded things inspired by Wire.
    I started this back in April but got sidetracked when I had to
    end my vacation early because my wife got laid off. It's just a sketch so far with
    awful "turn on the microphone and sing off the top of your head" vocals but it started
    out based on a Send-like guitar sound and then lost the plot from there. Just click on
    the pic and it should play.

    Anyone else have some Dugga inspired self-made noise?
    I'd wager most of my band's output is inspired greatly by Wire - if I've got anything to do with it! In our first radio play, the DJ said we were reminiscent of our boys (no pressure!) though you really never know what other people might see in your stuff.

    I'll even go so far as to say that I have nicked a page from the Colin Newman singing handbook and copped a calm melodic voice for certain tracks. We have one called "Baktun" where I was inspired by CN's vocals on the mid-to-late-80s Wire records as well as Andy McCluskey from OMD (circa 1981).

    Will post some links soon if anyone has an interest.

    I have also started on a cover of "Silk Skin Paws" that I'll send out to those who'd want to hear it.
    Well... I haven't conjured up any dugga in an audio sense, but back in art school I made some little arty video pieces that used Wire and related material. Did a piece with H.A.L.O's "So Sick and Tired" and Dome's "Cruel When Complete" that I still kinda like, and two others: one using Lights/Craftsman's and another using Com'era Dov'era, both of which I completely despise and have buried in my closet next to my junior high diaries and other horrifically embarrassing items.

    Oh, yeah, and I guess I should mention that my senior thesis piece was titled Drill. And opened with some song that I found that had, by some magical coincidence, that very same name. For obvious reasons I don't talk about this stuff much anymore.

    I think it was really just an excuse to play these songs reeeealy loud, put some postmodern nonsense visuals to them, and get college credit for it. It worked!
    Well, if you go here:

    you can hear, or download our latest DJ mix. In amongst the 20minute cut&paste of dub, dubstep, electronic, funk & reggae which may not be to everyones taste it does feature a cheeky bit of Githead....but blink and you'll miss it!
    Also features a snippet of the excellent Silo (who recorded for Colins Swim~ label).
    Jack, you have to put up the Silk Skin Paws cover - I'd love to hear it.

    I did once try and do a cover of Colin's Truculent Yet about 20 years ago.
    It was...interesting at best. Ah, the "charm" of cassette 4 track recordings.
    I've been trying to digitize and remaster it all - gotten as far as the digitizing.

    Tim - nice mix! Thought I heard a little Stereolab in there and of course
    Ultravox Vienna, but man, I missed both the Githead and the Silo. I wonder
    if they'll ever put anything else out. I enjoyed both those discs...
    Thanks Halstead.
    No stereolab in there although they usually find their way into our sets.

    Silo fades in at 04:23 till 04:44. Short snippet of an unreleased new track from their myspace site
    Bass & drum intro from Githeads 'Profile' comes in at 14:23 till 14:39

    You can hear a longer version of the Silo track & 2 other tantalising glimpses of what the next Silo record might sound like:
    Send them a message and tell 'em to get on with it!
    Halstead, will get back on it ASAP. Tim, heading over this evening to check out your stuff, and in the meantime there's or for me!