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    Former Swim Records artists and post rock pioneers SILO are releasing their first new album in 13 years next Monday. Always thought their Swim albums were amongst the better releases from the label. New tune called Stationary available to listen to through Soundcloud from this link:
    This is EXCELLENT news. *crosses fingers for a new Lobe album also*
    I loved their two Swim LPs and I remember when Myspace was all the rage and Silo had a page up with some really promising samples of new tracks that experimented with hip hop beats against their huge concrete slabs of guitar noise but nothing was forthcoming. I'd long assumed they'd called it a day so what a nice surprise!
    Aside from the Colin Newman related projects the Symptoms albums are the one's I return to most from the Swim back catalogue. Looking forward to hearing this new Silo release though.
    I just bought it and gave it a spin. I'll withhold comment until a few others have had a listen though.
    Just listened to Stationary. Most enjoyable. I still give Alloy a spin now and again and so this is good news. Always the weakest part of Silo for me was the vocals, and it's still the case on this new one, but I'm not sure how I feel about guest rappers; will have to wait and see.
    Sure enough track 1 'Filaments' is the track that was tanatalisngly previewed on MySpace all those years ago and great to hear it in full. This record has clearly been years and years in the making. I seem to recall they were threatening to make a Hip Hop record at one point, the track with the guest rappers is presumably left over from that and there are nods those loping, tick-tock beats J Dilla was famous for.
    Its perhaps not as immersive as the previous two - only one track tops the 5 minute mark - it's almost Silo go Pop in places but it's still got that distinctive overloaded, grinding guitars, peculiar time signatures and beats that seem to glide in and out of phase.
    Not entirely sure about the guest vocal/rap spots but the world has moved on since their earlier stuff so they had to do something different. On the whole I like the LP a lot and there is enough interesting stuff to warrant repeat listens, very nice to have them back. Some live dates would be something!
    I thought it was… OK. Nothing more. Lots of a certain rhythm repeated throughout, which wasn't as interesting as the variation on the previous two albums. And I wasn't keen on the initial play through with the vocal guest spots. Hopefully it'll grow on me, but I guess it feels like what it is: a compilation of bits and bobs from recent years, sort of comprising a newish album.
    On the Swim Records front there is a "new" release from Malka Spigel slated for May. Looks like new mixes of previously released material however.
    A video has been released by SILO to accompany the track Stationary
    I have to agree with you, Craig. I was fairly excited about the release but there wasn't enough there to grab me. I don't need melody, but I do need change - and the change put the 'b' in subtle.
    ive really enjoyed the album. i guess this track isn't so different to previous work but elsewhere on the album you have some really different stuff , i thought the 2 tracks with guest vocalists were fabulous , reimagining silo into hip hop and RnB in fine fashion. i tohught they reworked the previous ideas in a really imaginative way , shame i suspect they aren't going to take this show on the road as the ICA gig of a few years back was a real treat