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    Here's a re-upload of the ones I also did this new upload is mainly for 1 bloke called Martin or something "fancie" :-

    And the tracks are something like :-

    09 - 10 All Tomorrows Parties April 2002 (Camber Sands again? dunno - just guessing there)

    11 - 14 BBC 6 Music Tom Robinson live session April(?) 2002

    15 - 17 BBC 6 Music, poss. not-entirely live session, recordings played non-livewise later (May 2002?) on Tom Robinson show, BBC 6 Nusic

    18 - 21 Probably the 2002 Peel session (the best is definitely the last here, as far as I'm concerned)

    But to be honest, I can't quite remember precisely what all of these are from. These are from a rip of a compilation of BBC sessions recorded off the radio in southern U.K. that I originally made for meself ages ago and wasn't originally intended to be shared deliberately with others except with my friends that I could physically give copies to, but as it seems there is a lot of other interest I've made it available for a download (as before, but those older links to these have apparently expired).

    BTW, you need to ignore most of the ad dowload links and just click on the link that says :-

    "Click here to start download from sendspace"

    in case you're not familiar with sendspace and it's advertising tricks !
    You is a star! thanks for re-uploading these Chris,
    Martin :-)
    What were the tracks played on the Tom Robinson 2002 session?
    April(?) 2002
    1st Fast

    May(?) 2002
    The Agfers of Kodack
    Germ Ship
    Many thanks to Dr Medulla
    thanks a lot for the upload!
    what's song number 8, Kidney Bingos? it was not descripted on this topic, that starts listing at 9, and it sounds different to me to the All Tomorrows Parties songs that go after it.