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    Colin hinted at "something special" for the 40th anniversary, which is a couple of years away. What would you like to see?
    Wire playing a 30 minutes "Drill" version live with four guitarists: Colin, Bruce, Margaret and Matt :)
    Manscape: The Rock Opera
    A complete rerun track by track of the Roxy April 77 gig - and a couple of encores with George Gill LOL
    Ten consecutive nights at some venue somewhere with a different WIRE studio album played each night (except Manscape) the last night culminating with the latest (2016) LP being played and released on that day. Bruce appearing on at least two nights would be a bonus. I think that Sparks did something similar a few years back
    Yes - Sparks did it on 21 consecutive nights!!!! I agree that Manscape is a difficult listen these days - but another punt for Legal Bootlegs for me is the gig where the Live May '80 CD tracks came from that featured with the Italian book. (I've heard it may be Sheffield but nobody seems to confirm it somehow). Anyway - I feel that is the best live interpretation of the Manscape era and if they can play it to that standard I'd be happy to see that replicated.
    Live May '90 Lee.

    Sheff or M'cr or Hibernian club??
    I agree with your comments regarding the Live May 90 material but that is just a snapshot of the better bits of the 1990 set, but having been at the Hibernian club, the Mean Fidler and Reading gigs that year I could quite happily live without going through it again to be honest!
    But, just for the sake of conjecture, if any kind of live reinterpretation were to be made of Manscape, it would be just that: reinterpreted, recontextualised and rewired..!
    I've always been amused by the negative comments Manscape has garnered over the years on this site: I can clearly see (and hear) its shortcomings, but, for me, it remains an interesting and vital slice of Wire Mk 2. There are even some parts of it which, I would argue, can compare to the band's best. (Sounds of coughing, spluttering and general incredulity to be heard from all quarters..)
    Maybe to mark 40 years they could release the last instalment of the bootleg series..............................
    Sorry - typo - yes it is May 90 of course. As I said it may be Sheffield - possibly Manchester - it definitely isn't Hibernian.
    I'm not saying I wouldn't mind hearing the old records played live but it would seem odd for them to do a series of historical performances of older works when they've mostly avoided doing that for the last 40 years. I see something more looking to the future. With the possibility of a revisionist history, like they did on the last record.
    I agree with KLeigh 88. I would like to see a night for each era of Wire (defining these might be a topic in itself) reimagined, rather than the album run-through which has become tiresome.
    I would also like to see them challenging the four guys on stage format.
    I agree with mark'em, Manscape has its moments. I'd like to see the thing remixed (or should that be 'properly mixed') so it can finally show its true quality. As far as Wire's 40th goes: not too much nostalgia, please. Just a nice long concert with some special guests and definitely Bruce.
    I love Manscape, although not quite as much as IBTABA however. I discovered Wire (in all hitherto marks) in 1989; and that has something to do with how I was ready to listen to the vinyl album when I got it. (I always hated the cd version) Wire's nature makes us such an interesting fan community! I was writing to Charles snider in 1996, via WMO, to discuss Ab Ovo and profess how much Manscape was liked and played where I was -- and his gracious reply letter simply ended with "Manscape has it's moments, and I'll leave it at that!".
    I haven't seen Wire since flag:burning and the thing to coax me out of 'retirement' - or should that be re-wire-ment - would be a show taking us from the beginning to now ... starting with Lowdown and visiting every era and finishing with whatever might be their newest material at that point. I can't promise they'd have my attention for the O47/RBT/CBU material, but the new songs sound better than the recent recorded stuff so I'd hopefully leave with a smile on my face.

    I would have to insist that they played 'Safe' and 'Goodbye Ploy', mind ... in fact, I'm more than happy to compile a setlist ... !
    I've a speaking suspicion that's not _terribly_ likely to happen!
    No, but one can dream ...
    With Manscape, I've always been terribly fond of "What Do You See?" and "Sixth Sense".

    In any case, it should be interesting, be it retrospective or purely progressive in nature.