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    Ever since I first heard of this:
    Cross, Grow, Prayer (Vanity Records, Vanity 8103), an Angela Conway, Graham Lewis, Bruce Gilbert ultra-rarity, I have been trying to track it down. I imagine finding the actual flexi disc would be impossible, but would anyone know where it might be found as a download? This is by far my most coveted Wire-related track. My thanks in advance to anyone who might have a lead.
    It's streamed here
    Never found anywhere. By far the most obscure object of the Wire-related discography. I discussed this once with Graham and even he could not remember what it was. Looking at the recording date i would guess it might be a track from Dome 3 published for whatever reason under a different title. But who knows.
    That links streams 3.4 by Gilbert & Lewis, at least in my computer.
    Oh, sorry, it does. That was my fault for blindly cutting and pasting without trying first.
    Yes, same here... the Melodig stream is from 3.R.4, even though it states it to be Cross, Grow, Prayer. I have the vaguest memory from somewhere that it was unique, a one-off, and not a retitled Dome 3 track. I guess the search goes on...
    Could be. The suggestion it might be just a Dome 3 track retitled came from Graham, if i remember right.
    It's been recorded on the same day as Roos-an, and like Roos-an has Angela on voice, so we guessed it could have been that one. Roughly same duration too.
    But yes, the search goes on. Actually i find it funny that despite the internet and everything it looks like we won't really be able to reconstruct the story without finding the physical object (which seems to be impossible to find).
    It's a bit like when i was searching for the rare Dome stuff in the early 80's :)
    There seems to be a copy available at the Shinjuku Disc Union main store.

    There are a couple Gilbert Lewis recordings available on this page. Scroll down until you see Cross, Grow, Prayer.
    Looks like it's Y1400.
    Many thanks for the link. I just sent them an email requesting the flexi, however, have my fingers crossed they will actually do it. Thing is, Disk Union has a policy of only selling to Japanese customers and an attempt to purchase one of their products a couple of years ago was met with silence. But who knows... maybe I will get lucky this time. If they do send it, I will certainly report back with regards to exactly what's on it. Here's hoping. Again, thank you!

    as of today: 1,400.00 JPY = 8.13928 GBP or 1,400.00 JPY = 13.6816 USD
    (plus shipping, which will probably be higher than the price of the flexi)
    Spectron - I've had the same non-response from DU in my several attempts to buy from them.

    However maybe someone on the forum knows someone in Japan and can do a favor. I tried a couple times to get a work peer of mine in Japan to buy for me, but no one seemed to have the same passion for music I did, and it always was a BIG favor for them to buy and ship something for me.

    Good luck!
    Here is the reply I received from Disk Union this morning:

    I do not perform the shipment to the foreign countries.
    I’m sorry
    diskunion shinjuku-mainstore

    I suppose the only way to get this now would be if there is a member of this board residing in Japan who would be kind enough to make this happen. I used to know such a person, but with multiple changes of computers/laptops/browsers, etc. since then, I no longer have access to his email address if indeed he still uses it. Thanks to everyone here for their kind research for this one. Dome and Dome-related projects remain my favorite Wire-related works and as far as I know, this title is the only one I am missing.
    I did ask somebody who lives in Japan to contact the shop but the reply was that the flexi has been sold a few days ago.
    The search goes on..
    Thank you so very much for your efforts on my behalf, biccio. I've been after this since one it first appeared in Kevin's most excellent discography and I first became of aware of it. I do recall seeing something about it as a one-off. If memory serves, an outtake from Dome 3, but don't quote me on that as I am not sure after all this time. Whatever website I originally saw that on no longer comes up in a Google search. Indeed, the search goes on...
    Forgot to post that a few months ago somebody actually did find a copy of this for me, in Japan.
    As i was expecting, it's tracks from Dome 3 that for some reason the japanese magazine has published under the title "Cross, Grow, Prayer" instead of just using the Dome 3 tracks names.
    It's part of Dome 3's Dasz which stops abruptly after less than 2 minutes and is then followed by part of Roos-An which also ends abruptly. The same two songs parts are then repeated again for no reason at all. Quite strange, as using exactly the same disc space they could have used both full tracks instead of two songs extracts repeated twice.
    Comparing the flexi versions with Dome 3 versions made me think the "Cross, Grow, Prayer" music was the raw material for what became the Dome versions, which to my ear had some additions and refinement. So I guess the flexi is valuable as "work in progress" documentation. At least this is what I told myself after getting the slim film of transparent plastic (for a price). But this is a unique season in Wire history, and this flexi seems evocative and interesting, if just slightly less valuable than the Drop/So 7" (is the crackling in the audio as deliberate as the photographed creases in the generic black sleeve???).
    I just had it down as a shocking pressing, but...
    Thanks for all the info on Cross Grow Prayer. Will add this to the discography
    There is one on sale for £70. The seller is from France, possibly a bit easier to deal with than the Japanese dealer. But £70 for a Flexi!!!!
    That's a lot of money for a flexi..