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    Recorded at Blackwing Studios - that's the All Hallows Church a couple of minutes walk from where I work - it ceased to be Blackwing Studios in 2001. The communal garden is free to visit but it looks as if the church/studio is being lived in now (possibly squatted).

    EDIT: It was squatted - but is now "legally" inhabited. This is from Southwark Cathedral's website (Southwark Cathedral were overseeing All Hallows' redevelopment)

    In November 2012, we had become aware that squatters had taken up residence in All Hallows Church. The Chapter sought legal advice on how best to proceed and obtained a possession order at Lambeth County Court in late January 2013. An initial eviction took place in May but unfortunately the squatters broke straight back into the building despite security measures having been put in place. A further eviction order through the High Court was eventually obtained and the squatters removed in August. In order to make sure the buildings were occupied, the Chapter decided to enter into a short-life agreement with a local housing co-operative for them to occupy the site and provide accommodation for their tenants in exchange for carrying out some basic refurbishment on site. The new tenants moved in on the day of the eviction and there have been no further problems. The housing co-operative's tenants will continue to live at the church until such time as the Chapter wishes to bring the site back into use for social mission work.