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    If you've not visited the Pinkflag home page in a while, you probably should—at least if you're a Brit, American, Canadian or a resident of Netherlands or Belgium. And that's because Wire tour dates have been announced. In the UK, there will finally be some non-festival gigs—Scala (London), Met University (Leeds), Rescue Rooms (Nottingham) and The Arches (Glasgow) will be graced by Wire in early September, after which the band will nip over to Netherlands and Belgium before hoping across the pond to Canada and the US in October.
    Already booked at the Scala!!!!! i been checking virtually daily for the past month!! still might go to Ghent as well - tis a lovely l'il city! Great beer, too!!
    Why do like all of them have to be 18+? I'm 17, i'm not 18 till November... I can't find out if Leeds one isn't
    Wire's Glasgow gig at the Arches has yet to reach the venue's website. Daresay it will do in the next day or two. Good to see the band opting for Glasgow as their only Scottish gig - the reception they got at the Tramway in 2004 (as seen on The Scottish Play DVD) obviously swayed their decision.....
    and play Birmingham, there is enough people here who would come, play The Academy or something, You will sell a good amount of tickets
    I'm definitely in for the Philly and DC shows... and possibly the Toronto show. My dream of seeing Wire will finally come true!!!

    Do we know how much the setlists will differ each night?
    Glasgow it is then....excellent.

    Don't suppose you need a stand in guitarist? ;)
    • CommentAuthorcc says...
    • (CommentTimeJul 15th 2008)
    I'll assume an NYC (+ Brooklyn?) gig is TBA!
    Just booked Glasgow. Isn,t on "Archies" website yet, but phoned the Tix office and ordered 2 tixs.
    Pick them up on Saturday. Will pop into Missing Records a couple of doors down and see what
    2nd hand vinyl they have for sale when I,m getting the tixs.
    I must agree with IanCurtis13 - there are loads of possible venues in Birmingham these days. I'm not able to travel far from home these days (I'm a full-time carer), so my home town (Brum) was my only chance - oh well!
    Been on & clicked on the Book tickets link for the Manchester gig at Academy 3 on sept 12th & nothing is coming up on the ticket site. Maybe they are just waiting for the gig to be confirmed.

    Anybody else having similar problems with getting tickets for Manchester ?
    You can buy Manchester tickets from
    Does anyone know if there are age restrictions at the arches (glasgow)? My son would love to go (he's 8!) and I'd love to take him....but something tells me we won't be in luck...
    they might let you bring him with you, most venues 18+ if you ask will let underage people go with there parents
    Can,t speak for the Arches venue, but most music venues in Glasgow have an "over 14 with adult" policy when it is licensed.
    Phone them and they will be able to advise you. tele 0141 565 1000
    I might go to the Manchester show since I know there won't be any problems getting in, but by then I would have seen them twice this year, (i'm going to Offset) so I might not go...

    This is a possible suggestion to the band, maybe change the encore every show? so people come back again and again to see if Wire play there favourite "oldie" because there is nothing worse than seeing one of your favourite bands again and they play the exact same set they did before.
    Toronto!! WOOOOT!!!

    I will likely see them in Montreal and Ottawa as well.
    I don't think i'm going to Manchester, i'll got too much on in September
    Looking for a sofa to sleep on after the Chicago show (Saturday October 18)

    Driving in from Ann Arbor, MI trying to keep the budget low. Gas will be $100 alone.
    Just need a few hours with the sandman before the return trip.

    Willing to give up some personal details to prove I'm fairly harmless.