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    This looks interesting, at work at the mo so not downloaded it yet. Were they really playing Roadrunner as an encore in 1987?! Seems highly improbable. Funny story about taping it.


    01 July 1987
    Variety Arts center Theatre, Los Angeles, CA

    audience master by bcingyou
    TCD5+ECM990-F>Maxell XLII-S c90 master cassette>WAV (44.1/16bit)>CD Wave Editor tracksplit>
    TLH>FLAC level 8

    01 intro
    02 Silk Skinned Pores
    03 Advantage In Height
    04 Come Back In Two Halves
    05 Cheeking Tongues
    06 Mine's A corona (Madman's Honey)
    07 Alec Guiness In A Box (A Head)
    08 Organs (Kidney Bingos)
    09 Over Theirs
    10 Still Shows
    11 A Serious Time (A Serious Of Snakes)
    12 Just For Girls (It's A Boy)
    13 Drill
    14 Up To The Sun/Vivid Riot Of Red
    15 Ambitious
    16 Roadrunner (Modern Lovers cover)
    17 Colin Newman and Robert Gotobed radio station ID's
    18 Bruce Gilbert radio station ID

    My first time seeing and recording Wire and was I nervous with security lurking throughout venue. I started off recording while standing at my seat a couple rows behind orchestra pit but security were going up and down aisles so I decided to blend in amongst the crowd in the pit so as to lessen my chances of being caught. No such luck. During track 10, Still Shows, a security goon approached me in pit and asked if I had permission to record. I handed him my radio station ID card from KUOR-FM, Redlands and hoped for the best. He took it and left. I thought my card was gone for good and I'd soon be tossed out once whoever was in charge realized that I had made no prior arrangements to record and that KUOR was a rather insignificant private college station that was known to nobody outside of Redlands. Much to my surprise Brendan Mullen, who was then promoter of the Variety Arts Center and most famous for owning the early punk venue The Masque, handed me back my ID card a few minutes later and said I was okay.
    Included are a some KUOR-FM radio station ID's I had three members of Wire do for me after the show at the bar upstairs above theatre. I also did an interview with Graham Lewis but nobody is ever hearing this until after I'm gone as it's quite revealing at what a terrible interviewer I was.
    They definitely played Roadrunner as encore with The Ex Lion Tamers. This happened on more than one gig on that tour.

    It's a pretty good gig if memory serves me. Not played my cassette copy of eons.
    Downloaded and yes, it is Roadrunner by The Modern Lovers.
    What format are these fies downloaded in?