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    All Over + All Under.

    Out on June 23rd on Editions Mego as LP, CD and Download. Both available for pre-order now.

    Either individually

    or as a bundle

    But I wonder whether All Under is also getting a digital release.
    Same here. I've listened to several songs of the (unfinished at that time) "All Over" last year. I really liked what i heard. Looking forward to hear the finished product.
    Good question on the download. As in the case of Klara's albums i guess whoever buys LP or CD gets a download code.
    Whether only download can be bought no idea. Klara's one was available for download-only purchase on Mego's Bandcamp page short after the album was out, but P. Rehberg not always does this.
    Fantastic news. Looks like Graham's been very busy lately. Are any of these tracks left over from the He Said 27/11 sessions I wonder?
    Not sure "lately" is the right word in this case :-)
    Both albums contain tracks recorded between 2003 and 2013.
    I'm featured in one of the tracks with some parts that have been recorded i think something like three or four years ago.
    It looks like it took a while to complete the albums. But there has surely been an increase of speed recently, which has finally brought to completion.
    And no, the 27/11 tracks are yet another unfinished album. Which sounds great IMO. I'm sure there's already enough 27/11 material to almost fill an album though, so i would expect also that one to come out at some stage. I hope so, at least.
    "i guess whoever buys LP or CD gets a download code"

    Ah. Well, here's hoping they Bandcamp it. I'll buy a CD if I have to, but I'd rather just go for digital these days.
    Anyone else experiencing a problem with Soundcloud ? Internet/computer audio fine, but Soundcloud 'playing' mute...
    Yes, i had the same problem. The new version of sound cloud would not play in my computer. But there's a button that lets you switch back to "classic" somewhere on the top of the screen, and then it works again.
    This news made my day too. I asked Graham about new releases last year and he replied he had enough material for multiple releases. Apparently so. At the time I didn't think he was serious though because he told me in 2011 such was the case and other than some vocal credits, there was nothing between then and 2013. Graham's solo works are by far my favorite among Wire members (along with Dome, but that's not strictly solo material).

    The really good thing about Wire being on hiatus is the potential for solo works. I am looking forward to this as much as Read & Burn 4 if indeed they keep with their plans. Graham told me they would reconvene in early 2015 (specifically February) to record the new R&B. Certainly, with the five new songs previewed during the last cycle of touring, a potential R&B4 is already written.
    A fine pair of CD's they are too. Great to hear Graham's voice in full flow. Great lyrics and lovely twists and turns along the way.
    Nice one!!
    Amazon Shamazon. Obviously buy from your local record shop, direct from Mego or if you prefer will shortly have Vinyl, CD and are also offering a Digital Only option for Craig and the minimalists among us! (Note that "All Under" is only £2.95 on digital as it's only 4 tracks...albeit 4 long tracks).[]=artist,track_artists
    Weird that Boomkat's priced things like that. All Under's eight quid on iTunes, with every track restricted to 'album only'. I was wavering over All Under and definitely going to get All Over; for a few quid extra, I'll definitely pick up both.
    I got my download link for the two albums this week from Mego. At the minute I'm digging the vibe on All Under more than the longer LP. The track No Show Godot in particular has all the hallmarks of a classic Lewis/He Said composition. The jurys still out on the All Over material as far as I'm concerned but it's early days yet!
    That's what I needed, some slightly wobbly tuneful noises.....thanks EGL.