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    First track of All Under is clearly sampled from the opening minutes of Wir's The First Letter track from Vien CD. Wonderful memories of that time in Vienna with Wir and watching them create that radio session.
    Got the album in the post last night. I remember hearing those "First Letter" sounds when Graham played some of the material live at Cafe Oto during the Drill: London festival. It was a mesmerising set - as was Klara Lewis' debut live set afterwards.
    Looks like the digital 'All Under' has gone up in price now!
    Only given All Over a quick spin through once and first impression is that it's rather good. Makes you wish that Graham had more input into Wire's music these days as opposed to just being the words guy.
    I wasn't proposing that anyone buy via amazon - simply use it to hear some extracts.

    Anyway, like the good boy that I am I called into my local record shop (Jumbo in Leeds) to purchase last week and was told it wasn't in stock and that availability looked to have been put back to June 30th. I prefer physical over download, and prefer walk-in to postal, so I guess I'll just have to wait
    Boomkat have added some "text" to their listing of the LP which I think is their own review (they usally add quotation marks when quoting verbatim from a press release)

    "Editions Mego present the first new solo recordings from Edvard Graham Lewis - songwriter and musician behind seminal records with Wire, Dome and He Said - to be released this century. Recorded and produced by Lewis at Tip Top Studios, Uppsala, Sweden between 2003-2013, 'All Over' is a fine example of his technofied, industrialised pop songwriting, balancing focus between song structures and sound design. His oaky, affected baritone is present and correct across 12 pieces strung out from the chugging techno chamber-pop of 'Straight into the Corner' and the gauzier slug of 'Bluebird' thru oxidised ambient noise composition in 'Prism Buzzard' and the typical juxtaposition of his mannered yet wry and urgent vocals with ATR-style cyberpunk in 'Passport to International Travel'. Also featuring contributions from Lewis' He Said Omala bandmate Andreas Karperyd, "bartered tones" by Howardamb, electronics from Akatombo, vocals from Linda Dahl, Jan Lundqvist and Jim Ascoft, plus mastering by Russell Haswell, it's a unique, dream-like vision of electronic pop providing proof - if needed - of his relevance in the 21st century. "

    Praise indeed, and can't argue with that. Really impressed with both records, one disc of He Said-style skew whiff electronic pop and one disc of Dome-like oddness, essential listening. Good to see some Pink Flag forum members are in the mix too! Very cool.

    I agree I'd like more Groovy Graham on the next Wire LP, these records are a stark reminder of the strangeness and a certain melodic sensibility he has which there hasn't been enough of on the last few Wire records. From reading Wilson's book it seems that's been partly due to logistics of how Graham can input into the music from afar. Judging from the latest PF newsletter the new LP will be the first time Wire have actually got together to write and record new material (as opposed to pinging lyrics across the internet and getting together for a few sessioons to lay down bass parts) so I'd assume there is more opportunity for Graham to get in the swim so to speak.

    @Ian B sorry didn't intend to suggest *you* were directing us to buy from The Tax Dodgers, just presenting alternatives in case anyone got tempted to click 'buy it now'.

    Any eMusic subscribers note that both EGL releases are now up on there too.
    Does anyone use Boomkat? If so, what quality are the MP3s? I can't find anything on the site that states a kbps rate.

    EDIT: Boomkat on Twitter says: 320kbps.
    R.Swimmer - no worries, no offence taken. On re-read my response comes across as a little tetchy, which wasn't the tone I was going for.
    Suppose both albums being quite short the work could have been on a single format. Think i'd have preferred that personally.

    It's Hard from the All Over CD is terrific. GL almost sounds Scottish in spoken dialect/voice.

    that actually IS a scottish accent. it's not graham in the spoken voice part, it's my/graham's mate jim from scotland
    Thanks Biccio, its a fab track and your buddy has a very similar voice to GL. I should have checked the sleeve notes but didnt as it sounded so like GL singing in Scottish accent.

    thanks. that's the track i'm also featured on. jim's voice similar to GL's but even deeper.
    'Suppose both albums being quite short the work could have been on a single format. Think i'd have preferred that personally.' too, but I can see the sense in having the 16 tracks divided into 2 different sides of the same coin. That said, these releases are by far my favorite releases of 2014 and I have burned them both to one CDR for the convenience of hearing it all at once.
    A bit late in the day but I have just picked up on EGL's albums and managed to get All Over, which is really good. Mr. Lewis has always had an ear for a good melody even amongst the ear battering noises he crow-bars into some songs, so I am not ashamed to say that the more accessible songs are my favourites. Definitely, Passport to International Travel, with it's Van the Man's "Na Na Na Na" chant accompanying some polite swearing! We've Lost Your Mind and Straight Into The Corner are both very very beautiful. @R Swimmer - love that you mentioned the phrase "The Tax Dodgers" for a certain Internet company. That also sounds like a great band name..- no wait a minute did you also mean Take Th..?