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    There's a 'new' show up on Dime from the Roxy, Amsterdam 2 Nov 87 ... the third song is listed as unknown and it is, to me at least ... can anybody identify it? (It'll probably turn out to be something obvious and I'll have egg on my face, but no matter.)


    EDIT: thanks to the power of gooooooogle I found a copy of Colin Newman's setlist from the show and the song is called PLAGUE DANCERS and yes, it is a nice little tune, sweetly pretty without being cloying ... or something like that.
    Can I presume that this track was known to one and all? I personally was pretty excited to 'discover' it, but it would appear I'm alone in my excitement! I'm guessing, therefore, that it's old news ... :(
    I was aware of the song as a Colin solo demo song from 87 but didn't know Wire had given it a spin. Didn't appear to last long as it doesn't appear on the setlist for Aachen the next night and I have cassettes of Frankfurt on 4th and Barowtak on 7th and the song has been dropped
    That's a new one on me. Thanks HP and Kevin for filling in the gaps.

    That's one for the list of lost Wire songs that only exist on bootlegs - see also 'Because' and 'Up From Above'

    Enough for a 'Strays 2'
    I haven't really kept tabs on the period covered by the last three albums, so forgive me if I ask a dumb question, but isn't 'TEN' also an unreleased track? Or did it morph into something else? And isn't 'UP FROM ABOVE' on something somewhere? Like I said: possibly dumb questions ...

    I was planning to run off a quickie cd-r of Mute-era live stuff - part unreleased or vastly different versions, and part personal favourites (which means '88 versions of The Offer, It's A Boy, German Shepherds, In Vivo etc). The unreleased/different tracks so far are Harry Houdini, Kidnap Yourself, Plague Dancers (of course!) and the 87 band version of Still Shows, which I think is immeasurably better than the LP version (never a favourite of mine). Anyone got any suggestions for other tunes? I have loads of Wire shows either on my hard drive or in an old box of tapes, but as always, the sheer quantity has proved daunting and I haven't listened to anywhere near as many as I would have liked.

    EDIT: search PLAGUE DANCERS on yahoo for a fascinating bit of history!
    Some of the 85 versions are very different, I really like Come Back in Two Halves from this period.
    Didn't "Ten" become a "A Flat Tent" - I believe "Up From Above" remains unreleased. I liked that one.
    Those 85 / 86 prototype versions are great - the original Kidney Bingos, Point of Collapse (Three-legged Waltz?) and Cheeking Tongues in particular. Always wondered what 'alternative' versions of Ideal Copy and A Bell is a Cup would have been like if they'd captured the rawness and live power of these versions.
    "Cheeking Tongues" is an interesting beast early on, very herky-jerky and percussive. I like it, but "Come Back In Two Halves" is just sublime. Absolutely hypnotic, like some great uncoiling serpent. And the original vocal harmonies on the chorus to "Free Falling Divisions" - be still my heart! Some songs just worked better as they evolved, however, and sometimes those early performances do lean sloppy, almost like live rehearsals rather than polished performances.

    I am not sure if I still have a recording of "Plague Dancers". I do remember it being an interesting track, however, and I am definitely curious to hear Colin's demo take.

    "Because" and "Up From Above"... when are those from?
    'Because' and 'Up From Above' were played at the Garage gig in June 2010 (and I presume some of the other European dates they did around then), along with a bunch of other new tracks which made it onto RBT including Smash, Moreover, Please Take and 'Ten' which became A Flat Tent.

    I saw one of the two consecutive dates Wire played at the The Lexington in November that year by which time both the 'strays' had gone from the set.

    As an aside, they also revived German Shepherds and Kidney Bingos for these gigs, and He Knows went back in the set too.