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    Does anyone know whether this is available as a digital download anywhere? A quick Google suggests it's retired to OOP Manor. Aside from some scattered remixes, I think this is the only CN release I still don't have a copy of, and I wouldn't mind hearing it.
    it was also available as a bonus cd with the original issue of "bastard" ; might be easier to track it down in that form?
    Found one copy on GEMM for a mere $175. A wee bit beyond my budget.
    i have both the 12" and the Cd version.
    but if i'm not wrong there's a few copies of the Bastard+EP available at discogs, most of them from Germany for some reason.
    i haven't looked at GEMM in years , i thought Discogs had blown it away. i think lots of GEMM sellers just put a mountain of stuff up at crazy prices to see if anyone bit , but other sellers were at a fraction of the price so why bother? those bastards are all less than £10 so i think he's a bit optimistic with his $175.....
    Bastard is rubbish. Haven't played Voice in the best part of 20 years, but I remember it being significantly better than the album.
    The Voice EP is one of the finest CN objects in existence. Intricate and deep.
    I liked Bastard but it hasn't aged well.

    If anyone is tempted to buy off Discogs I would ask the seller to confirm that it is the bonus disc version before you buy, it's easy to list against the wrong version of a release on Discogs especially when they have the same catalogue numbers as is the case here.
    I dunno. I think you can make the same argument for a lot of music, in that it feels of its time. Bastard at the time felt very fresh, but now feels very much a part of that period linked with the likes of Oracle. I just had a quick listen, and May, Spaced In, Orange House and Turn still light up my ears, even if some of the mix is a bit murky at times (especially on Spaced In—I prefer the mix on the Spigel/neWman/colIn/Malka 'Live' disc).