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    Oh, yer wan… the internet brings them crawling out of the woodwork, doesn't it ?
    The word parasite comes to mind.
    High maintenance also comes to mind.
    I remember all the facebook posting thing from when it happened a couple of years ago. I found it hilarious. Colin obviously didn't. I'm surprised she hasn't discovered this site yet. Or maybe she did and was blocked.
    I do hope that in a few years she will look back at these and delete these from youtube due to acute embarrassment. We may have all had that period very early in our lives where we mimed to our favourite records in the mirror. Sara's mirror is her camera and she is revealing her reflected glory on youtube. The fact that she has made so many is a double-edged sword calling itself her ego - she feels she should have the authority to teach Wire to the youtube community re her films - but also is in need of having that ego massaged and reassured to include herself in every goddamn clip. If this has been done as a joke it has worn far thinner than the polyurethane bag that housed the Twelve Times You single. If it isn't - I'm amazed she isn't bored by now. I spose what is unusual about this is that this type of fan mentality is generally used for the likes of One Direction, Olly Murs, etc - you generally don't see this with artists of Wire's ilk. I'm a huge fan just as we all are on here - but I feel if I posted countless videos of me miming gormlessly to the likes of "Cheeking Tongues" or "Pieta" or any of the other classics Youtube would put up health warnings first.

    EDIT: Unless she has changed her youtube sign-in it looks as if her last post was almost two years ago. She may well have moved on from all this.
    She's just a child of the modern age. Youthful enthusiasm (read obsession) + the latest developments in technology just make this more amplified than it would otherwise have been. We wouldn't be nearly as bothered if her object of worship was Celine Dion!
    ilogicpro - I agree. Just a 'modern' kid having (creative) fun. It's not something I'd want my children to do, as it's just setting yourself up for abuse from haters (although the you tube responses are positive) ... but it's relatively harmless and innocent (at least she's not emulating Miley Cyrus). I admire her for exploring different music - isn't this to be encouraged? - and she clearly has just about everything by Wire (and even Wir). I find things like this quite amusing, but then I have a pretty irreverent attitude toward fandom. Hopefully she'll discover early 80s-era Fall and Husker Du soon!
    Ach, good on her. It's more than a little patronising to suggest there's a 'right' way to appreciate Wire.
    Youthful exuberance. I imagine for Wire (in this case, Colin), it was just that this kind of thing doesn't happen. Most Wire fans are old blokes; fewer are younger blokes; fewer are women. Suddenly having Wire's #1 fangirl pestering all the time must have come as quite the shock. But, yeah, aloof beard-stroking isn't the only way to appreciate any band. (For the record, I've no idea if she ever arrived here. Unless I'm misremembering, I don't think we've ever banned anyone from this forum, which is one thing that makes this place unique from every other forum I've ever moderated.)
    Maybe she's managed to infiltrate under a pseudonym. Come on! Own up! Which one of you is it?
    I think this goes a bit beyond Youthful exuberance. I'm no child psychologist but this doesn't look entirely healthy to me and I detect a few "issues" here. I see this all blew over a couple of years ago so hopefully she's moved on to hassling The Gang of 4 instead.

    As others have said, pre internet this would have resulted in bouts of feverish letter writing and sackfulls of adolescent poetry that only the recipient would need to deal with. Now thanks to social media and er...The New Yorker magazine, obsessive fandom can be played out in public, in this case by children who have the technology but lack the emotional maturity to deal with the consequences. I hope this young lady is OK.
    I read up on all Sara's exploits with a bit of incredulity and watched all her videos as well. (I am one of those I guess rare women Wire fans (age around same as the guys) and was fortunate enough to meet and talk to Colin, Matt, Graham and even got hugs even from Robert, in Toronto last year. Look the girl, first off, has great taste in music. My 17 year old son is besotted with Beyonce and that kind of ilk for heavens sake. God knows I've tried to get him to listen to some Wire. Not happening, although he kind of liked the Feed Me and Silk Skin Paws videos. She was just a little more than a baby when she was in the depths of her obsession. I actually admire Saras technological savvy. I can barely do more than the basic computer stuff. I just hope Colin was not too hard on her, stuff like this happening to you at this age can be crushing (even though I know she sort of brought it on herself). I also hope she is okay, she very well could have been also going through some kind of family "issues" that helped fuel her Wire obsession, perhaps Colin felt it had approached to the level of stalking. I also hope she is grown up a bit and more mentally balanced.

    This actually has nothing to do with the subject, but more one I may have helped recruit another potential Wire fan. Last fall I was reading here and waiting to see when Wire's West coast dates might be, as my oldest son, 32, in San Francisco was planning to fly me down there from Toronto for a first time visit. I told him when I arrived that Wire would be playing at Slim's on Monday night November I think it was the 16th, although amazingly he only lived three blocks away from Slim's he was not aware of the venue. Luckily there were still tickets available.

    As we were walking up the steps up, none other than Mr. Graham Lewis was walking up right along side me! As I said hello and we did a brief squeeze, he actually remembered me from the Toronto show! Is that being too fan girly or what for 58. He was nattily dressed as usually and had on these cool robins egg blue ankle high kicks. Inside the place was pretty full with about three hundred people or so, guessing. The band Chastity Belt was about half way through their set. I headed towards the ladies room and about halfway through the crowd standing alone watching was Matt! Again after smiles and hellos and a brief squeeze Matt also said he remembered us talking in Toronto! I coundnt believe this, these guys must meet hundreds and hundreds of people every year. Not wanting to wear out my welcome, I left him to finish watching the band.

    My son, who is 6 ft 2 and I am only 5 zero managed to get a spot at the front stage while there was still time or I would never see anything. The set list was pretty much the same as the show I saw in Toronto a few changes, to be honest, I had fractured ribs and bronchitis and was on some pretty potent pain killers so a lot of that time was a little fuzzy! But I still remember having a great time and my son did also! He was impressed with the bands professionalism and versatility and was also pleasantly surprised
    by the rowdiness of the encore tunes and the moshing. Me, I have to go into self survival mode. One shoulder replacement, another held together with pins and a knee replacement (car accident) means I need to scramble away during Spent and Comet or I may have to be reassembled again at a future date. All in all two great shows in 2013 cannot wait for the next. I am putting together some Wire material for my son for his Iphone, he already has some and likes it.