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    Well, the forum's live - mostly - but it's pretty bare-bones. This was intentional, in order for it to promote discussion and also fit in with in general. However, are there things you just can't do without? If so, use this thread to say what it is.

    1. The forum has a private messaging equivalent - see the 'whisper' stuff.
    2. Quoting portions of messages will be added shortly.
    just curious: what software is this running on? the itnerface looks different than any other Forum i have been on....

    It's on Vanilla -

    We wanted to steer clear of PHPBB and its variants for various reasons.
    huh. i had not heard of that one. thanks.

    To use Vanilla, try one of the following web browsers:

    * Firefox
    * Safari
    * Camino
    * Opera
    * Internet Explorer 6

    It also works fine with SeaMonkey/Linux I'm happy to report.

    This forum layout is certainly a departure from the PHPBB norm. But then again so is Digg, my main web hangout so different can be cool. We'll see how it works. I already like it!
    "It also works fine with SeaMonkey/Linux I'm happy to report."

    Good to know. I'm currently developing in Firefox and Safari. Not tried IE yet, so here's hoping the entire thing doesn't fall to bits when I eventually get around to testing in Microsoft's browser. (This 'closed' test is likely to last quite a white, for what it's worth, to ensure that we've ironed out the kinks, and also because doing the styling is a pretty lengthy process.)
    Nice. Reminds me more of Neapolitan. Yum.
    Looks definitely nice, clean, and pink. Way better than all the other forums out there. Well done.
    Looks clean on Firefox.
    One thing I appreciate from these forums is when there is easy navigation options at the BOTTOM of the page, right above the "Add your comments" portion. (To navigate to the next topic or group of topics...)

    Just a thought....
    Requests are down to software, but I'll take a look.
    Nice. Like it.
    The first line of each post is indented about 30 chars is that deliberate?
    I'm on Firefox.
    Icons don't seem to work??
    "The first line of each post is indented about 30 chars is that deliberate?"

    Nope. On Firefox/Mac, this isn't happening. Will test Windows later.

    As for icons, some people have them working. However, I'm seriously considering turning them off.
    is it possible to change my sign-in name from threeduggaduggas to Ari, or do I have to re-join under that monika or unsub or what? A
    how about the ability to delete one's posts? could be useful if someone sends the same message twice by mistake.........
    It looks like delete and edit functions are global, rather than per-user (in other words, if members are allowed to delete/edit, they can delete/edit ALL posts), but moderators and admins will be able to remove unwanted posts. I'll add this to the list, and see if any Vanilla extensions enable the functionality you're talking about though.
    I agree with regards to turning off the Icons/Avatars etc. They'll only screw up the clean design.
    Icons are now gone. Edit functionality should - fingers crossed - be working. After consideration, deletion functionality will be restricted to moderators and admins. If you have a problem with a double-post, just let me know at the moment. In due time, we'll appoint more mods for the forum.
    It's all good. No avatars/sig files/icons/etc. Keeps things to the point.