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    There was an fb post regarding the Flamin' Groovies version of "Teenage Head" and it made me go back to Robert Gotobed's short stint as vocalist with The Snakes. I noticed "Lights Out" was the only one of the four Snakes songs unavailable on youtube - so I put it there myself - and in the comments are links to the previous youtube vids if the other three Snakes tunes. None self- penned - Light's Out (Dr Feelgood), Teenage Head & Have You Seen My Baby (Flamin' Groovies) and Little Queenie (Chuck Berry). Hope ya likes it if you haven't heard it before.....
    Thanks for this. I've put together CDRs that compile odds and ends of solo material from all Wire members. Didn't really want to sprint the €15.00 for this one and only track missing from my otherwise complete Robert Gotobed/Grey compilation.
    Just "whispered" you Specotron

    I have many of tracks I have assembled from YouTube where I could not find the track in question from any other source. For example, if I could purchase a guest vocal appearance by Graham Lewis from an album that had the one track he was on, I would download that track from Amazon (or elsewhere). I have also purchased original source material (CDs or vinyl) where available at a reasonable prices. All of The Snakes tracks came from YouTube however. So far, I have assembled a 6CD set of 1970s Wire demos, 4 CDs of Graham Lewis loose tracks, 4 for Bruce Gilbert and 2 for Colin Newman and 1 for AC Marias.

    Meanwhile, nobody has ever whispered to me before and I cannot figure out where to pick that up as it is not obvious. Please let me know where to find it and I will. Thank you!
    Stupid me, just figured it out.
    4 CDs of loose tracks by Graham sounds like a lot. You mean really loose tracks and not included in the various He Said, HALO, Hox etc. ? Do you have a list of the tracks ?
    biccio: I should have defined 'loose tracks' that I mean, everything that does not appear on full-length CDs (i.e.: vinyl b-sides, various artist compilations, Graham guest vocals on one track, etc. One one CD, I simply assembled all of the early He Said singles together, not observing my own rules since a few did appear on the CD albums. Track listing:

    ONE ('sound art')
    01 Threw Her Gewgaw
    02 Bing Before Bang
    03 a new kind of paper (with The Hafler Trio)
    04 a series of living presences (with The Hafler Trio)
    05 I Saved M.I.T.
    06 Fiat (from Touch Ringtones)
    07 Kanuanser (from Touch Ringtones)
    08 Ker-Ring! (from Touch Ringtones)
    09 Doob (from Touch Ringtones)
    10 A Strong Candidate For Isolation
    11 Untitled (from Autistisk Kilskrift)
    12 Herman The Merman Explores The Foreshore

    TWO (He Said singles, etc.)
    01 Epitath For Henran Brenlar
    02 Only One I
    03 Only 1 I II
    04 Pump
    05 To & Fro
    06 Pump (instrumental)
    07 Pale Feet
    08 Pulling 3gs
    09 Could You? (US Edit)
    10 Could You? (German Edit)
    11 Could You? (Album Version)
    12 He Said : She Said
    13 Could You? (Too)

    THREE (27/11)
    01 Bonjour Bonjour!
    02 Were Ever
    03 Oh, How To Do Now?
    04 Show Me Now
    05 Were Ever Oh How To Do Now
    06 A Must Have
    07 Key Weapon
    08 We Do Not Know

    01 Urania / Under My Skin (with Pan Sonic)
    02 Naked, Whooping And Such-Like (with Pro-Seed)
    03 Sun-Gutter (with Pro-Seed)
    04 I Saw The Sign (with Pro-Seed)
    05 I Am Here (from Brainwaves)
    06 Queen Becomes Citizen After 101 Years Of Babylon Resistance (from KREV X)
    07 Hallowed Ground (from Erasure-esque)
    08 Profession (with Adjective)
    09 Ballrooms (from I'm Normal, My Heart Still Works
    10 The Best Things Are Left Unspoken
    11 Iron Horse (from Mettle)
    12 Little Lost Star (with Teho Teardo)
    13 Goodbye Good Friend (with Teho Teardo)
    14 Bugged (from Strings Of Consciousness)

    Amazing how these CDs play like their own little solo albums, especially the 4th and most recent material. The others I mentioned earlier in the thread are along these lines.
    thanks. i don't know most of the the songs in CD 1 and half the songs in CD 4.

    there was one more song in the radio session with teho teardo, i forgot the name of. i heard it when the session was broadcasted but could never find it afterwards.
    this should be published as a 4xCD box :)
    '" there was one more song in the radio session with teho teardo, i forgot the name of. i heard it when the session was broadcasted but could never find it afterwards. "

    I think the track was called ' Rank '
    Yes. Rank, that was it.
    Specotron - without wishing to put you to enormous trouble, would you be willing to list the tracks from the other CDs you've compiled. The Lewis set sounds fascinating.
    'would you be willing to list the tracks from the other CDs you've compiled?'

    Okay, here's what I did with Bruce Gilbert (mainly chronological):

    01 Children (Meridians 2)
    02 Sounds of Londong (3 Fingers and a Fumb)
    03 Swarm 1 (Deconstruct)
    04 Swarm 2 (Deconstruct)
    05 Bi Yo Yo (Instant Shed Vol. 1)
    06 BYO (Instant Shed Vol. 1)
    07 Remesmer (Mesmer Variations)
    08 OVO Mix (Ab Ovo Remix 12")
    09 ORF Mix (Ab Ovo Remix 12")
    10 Nervepath (Instant Shed Vol. 2)
    11 Nerveway (Instant Shed Vol. 2)
    12 National Grid Part 1 (Antiphony)
    13 National Grid Part 2 (Antiphony)
    14 TV Spot (Bruce Gilbert Remix) (Sacrilege)
    15 Last Sky (Schwarma)
    16 Cut (Schwarma)

    01 Slide (Bruce Gilbert Remix)
    02 The Mego Loveboat (live @ Ars Electronica)
    03 Untitled (3 minutes of the vinyl locked groove from RRR 500)
    04 Voice (Touch 3 Sampler)
    05 Oil Met Gravel (Bruce Gilbert Remix) (Matching Crosses)
    B.Gilbert's instrumental parts from Iain Sinclair's Downriver:
    06 The Case Of The Premature Mourners
    07 Riverside Opportunities
    08 Premature Mourners (II)
    09 The Solemn Mystery Of The Disappearing Room)
    10 Premature Mourners (III)
    11 Art Of The Stage
    12 Sexing The Stones
    13 Premature Mourners (IV)
    14 Scion (Bruce Gilbert Remix) (Root)
    15 Pre-Gig DJ Set (live @ Upstairs at the Garage)

    01 1/02 (Rude Mechanic)
    02 1/14 (Rude Mechanic)
    03 2/10 (Rude Mechanic)
    04 2/14 (Rude Mechanic)
    05 The Book (Antitrade)
    06 Beekeeper (Cross Mix) (Madrid)
    07 Alarum (Hate People Like Us)
    08 Alarum (Audible Light)
    09 Midi Slide Guitar Mix ([r*] Iso | Chall)
    10 Untitled Extraction (It's All In A Brochure)
    11 Scum 1 (Beekeeper Mix) (Shit, Piss And Industrial Waste)
    12 Scum 2 (Beekeeper Mix) (Shit, Piss And Industrial Waste)
    13 Radiator, Plane, Bang (Untitled 7")
    14 Robbery (Touch Ringtones)
    15 Air Raid (Touch Ringtones)
    16 Lullaby (KREV X)
    17 Autolysis (Bruce Gilbert Remix) (Panoramique)
    18 6-8-1 @ Bowie's Meltdown (Satorial Sampler)

    01 Missing (3:39 version) (Textures and Tones)
    02 Missing (1:00 version) (Textures and Tones)
    03 Missing (0:30 version) (Textures and Tones)
    04 Sliding Off The World (Touch 25)
    05 In A Constant State of Rebellion (Without Number)
    06 Hole (Souls on Board)
    07 Live At Café Oto (Souls on Board)
    08 Pirates Mix (Souls on Board)
    09 Untitled (@ LUFF)
    10 Ingress (Monad)
    11 Re-exit (Monad)
    12 Untitled (extract) (@ Beaconsfield Gallery)
    13 Untitled (extract) (@ Lovebytes)
    14 Apis (Touch. 30)
    15 2.12.12 Live at KHM (Touch Radio 87)

    That's all I have time for now. Next time I log on, I'll list the 2CD Colin Newman compilation and/or the 6CD 1970s Wire demos boxed set I made.
    Wire demos
    * means it came from Behind The Curtain... assembled chronologically and following Neate's book with regards to ordering the tracks in hopes he did so according to the original playlists on the days they were recorded. Pretty much everything here came from Behind The Curtain and Cyrus' uploads on Dime.

    1978.08 W/George Gill
    01 Tune Up
    02 Prove Myself
    03 Mary Is A Dyke
    04 Bad Night At The Lion
    05 Can't Stand It No More
    06 Gimme Your Love
    07 Midnight Train
    08 Feeling Called Love
    09 TV
    10 Lost Boy
    11 Johnny Brown
    12 After Midnight
    13. Fade
    14. Bitch

    1977.03 (Orange Rehearsal)
    01 Mary Is A Dyke
    02 Too True
    03 The Commercial
    04 I Just Don't Care
    05 Strange
    06 Brazil
    07 It's So Obvious
    08 Three Girl Rhumba
    09 Lowdown
    10 Feeling Called Love
    11 After Midnight
    12 12XU
    13 Mr. Suit
    14 The Commercial
    15 Mr. Suit
    16 Pink Flag
    17 Reuters
    18 Different To Me
    19 Ex-Lion Tamer
    20 Mannequin
    21 Champs
    22 Start To Move
    23 106 Beats That
    24 Fragile
    25 Fragile
    26 Surgeon's Girl
    27 Surgeon's Girl
    28 Field Day For The Sundays
    29 Field Day For The Sundays
    30 106 Beats That
    31 Fragile
    32 106 Beats That
    33 Fragile
    34 Fragile

    01 Practice Makes Perfect *
    02 Oh No Not So *
    03 Culture Vulters
    04 It's The Motive *
    05 Love Ain't Polite *
    06 French Film (Blurred)
    07 Sand In My Joints *
    08 Too Late
    09 I Am The Fly
    10 Heartbeat
    11 I Feel Mysterious Today
    12 Underwater Experiences *
    13 Stalemate *
    14 Finistaire *
    15 French Film (Blurred)
    16 From The Nursery *
    17 Chairs Missing (Used To)
    18 Being Sucked In Again
    19 Another The Letter *
    20 Indirect Enquiries
    21 No Romans *
    22 Dot Dash *
    23 Options R *

    01 40 Versions *
    02 Blessed State *
    03 A Touching Display *
    04 Once Is Enough *
    05 Stepping Off Too Quick *
    06 Indirect Enquiries *
    07 Map Ref *
    08 A Question Of Degree *
    09 Two People In A Room *
    10 Former Airline *
    11 The Other Window
    12 On Returning
    13 Ignorance No Plea (I Should Have Known Better)

    01 Untitled
    02 Underwater Experiences
    03 Underwater Experiences
    04 Single K.O.
    05 Two People In A Room
    06 Two People In A Room
    07 Blessed State
    08 Once Is Enough
    09 A Touching Display
    10 The 15th
    11 The 15th
    12 Question Of Degree
    13 40 Versions
    14 40 Versions
    15 studio discussions
    16 40 Versions
    17 studio discussions
    18 40 Versions

    SIX (Electric Ballroom rehearsal)
    01 5/10
    02 Revealing Trade Secrets
    03 We Meet Under Tables
    04 Inventory
    05 Eastern Standard
    06 Untitled
    07 Everything's Going To Be Nice
    08 Ritual View
    09 And Then...
    10 Eels Sang Lino
    11 Part Of Our History
    12 Eels Sang Lino
    13 Cancel Your Order
    14 Second Length (Our Swimmer)
    Colin Newman
    Just started working on it and realize it must be incomplete. Nothing exceptionally rare here:

    01 Get Down (Parts I & II)
    02 Man The Lifeboats (Soft Option)
    03 The Gymnast (Soft Option)
    04 The Classic Remains
    05 Alone On Piano
    06 This Picture
    07 Not Me
    08 Don't Bring Me Reminders
    09 We Means We Starts
    10 Not To
    11 You And Your Dog
    12 H.C.T.F.C.
    13 No Doubt
    14 The Grace You Know
    15 Interview
    16 Disco Dub Interview Remix

    01 Walkabout [edit] (Immersion)
    02 Automation
    03 FAQ
    04 Voice
    05 Outfit
    06 The Narrativ (Newman/Izzo)
    07 Strumgliding [live edit] (Newman/Spigel)
    08 Dehab [edit] (Immersion)
    09 How Long [live] (Immersion)
    10 Les Isles Flottantes [live] (Immersion)
    11 Blank Canvas [edit]
    12 This Is A Cause (B*ST*RD Mix)
    13 To Have & To Hold [live] (Githead)
    14 Antiphon [live] (Githead)
    Robert Gotobed
    ...and not Grey because these were recorded when he went by the former name.
    Excepting The Snakes, all tracks feature Robert on drums (only):

    01 Teenage Head
    02 Lights Out (thank you Lee!)
    03 Have You Seen My Baby?
    04 Little Queenie
    05 Rat City
    06 Manual Dexterity
    07 More Room
    08 Song 1
    09 Phone Ringing
    10 Rolling Upon My Day
    11 A Caste From Hawaii
    12 The Gymnast
    13 Fish Nine
    14 Not To (remix)
    15 Can't Help Being
    16 Better Late Than Never
    Singles, YouTube downloads and appearances with Dome, Graham and Bruce. Nothing rare here:

    01 Drop
    02 So
    03 The Whispered Year (Meridians 1)
    04 Just Talk (Other Side of Midnight)
    05 Just Talk (Side A)
    06 Just Talk (No Talk Instrumental) (Side B)
    07 Time Was (Video Version)
    08 Time Was (Side A)
    09 Something (Side B)
    10 Sometime (Album Version)
    11 One Of Girls Has Gone Missing (Single Edit)
    12 One Of Girls Has Gone Missing (12" A Side)
    13 Vicious (B Side)

    01 Cruel When Complete (Dome 1)
    02 JASZ (Dome 3)
    03 AR-GU (Dome 3)
    04 NA-DRM (Dome 3)
    05 DASZ (Dome 3)
    06 ROOS-AN (Dome 3)
    07 Pump (Hail)
    08 I Fall Into Your Arms (Hail)
    09 Do You Mean That? (Hail)
    10 Eline Cout II (The Shivering Man)
    11 Angel Food (The Shivering Man)

    I also did two Dome boxed sets, totaling 11 CDs altogether, but with the exception of Cyrus' Paradiso Dime uploads a couple of odds and ends, I went through the trouble of doing this in order to have their complete output in a logical chronological order. Not going to list all of the tracks, but to give an idea, ONE is Dome 1 & Like This For Ages. TWO is Dome 2 and 3.R.4. THREE is the Peel Sessions, Ends With The Sea 7" and Dome 3... so forth and so on.
    Wire 1980s Singles
    All pretty much easily available, taken mainly from singles and promos. Much of this ended up on full-length CDs, but again, I was trying to emulate listening to the singles in chronological order on full-length CDRs (putting the bits and pieces together):

    01 A Serious Of Snakes
    02 Drill
    03 Advantage In Height
    04 Up To The Sun
    05 A Serious Of Snakes (Alternate Mix)
    06 Ambulance Chasers (Studio Version)
    07 Madman's Honey (Alternate Mix)
    08 Ambitious (Alternate Mix)
    09 Ambitious (Remix)
    10 Ahead (12" Version)
    11 Ahead (Alternate Version)
    12 Ambulance Chasers (Live)
    13 Drill (Live)
    14 Over Theirs (Live)
    15 Feed Me (Live)
    16 Vivid Riot Of Red (Live)

    01 Kidney Bingos (Original Version)
    02 Kidney Bingos
    03 Pieta
    04 Pieta (La Piccola)
    05 Silk Skin Paws (7" Version)
    06 Silk Skin Paws (12" Version)
    07 German Shepherds
    08 Come Back In Two Halves (Rerecorded)
    09 The Queen Of Ur (Alternate Version)
    10 The Finest Drops (Live)
    11 Ahead (Live)
    12 Kidney Bingos (Live)

    01 Eardrum Buzz (Live)
    02 Eardrum Buzz (12" Version)
    03 Eardrum Buzz (7" Version)
    04 The Offer
    05 It's A Boy (Instrumental)
    06 In Vivo (12" Version)
    07 In Vivo (7" Version)
    08 In Vivo (Dance Remix)
    09 In Vivo (Dance Remix Instrumental)
    10 In Vivo (Dance Remix Edit)
    11 Illuminated (12" Version)

    I am missing Stillbird, the B side to an limited edition 7" of In Vivo.

    01 Life In The Manscape (Album Version)
    02 Life In The Manscape (7" Version)
    03 Life In The Manscape (12" Version)
    04 Who Has Nine?
    05 It Can't Be True Can it?
    06 Gravity Workshop
    07 Ambitious (Middlesex Gorge)

    01 So And Slow It Grows (Single Mix)
    02 So And Slow It Grows (The Orb In Atlas Mix)
    03 So And Slow It Grows (Extended Pascal Gabriel Mix)
    04 Nice From Here
    05 Nice From Here (Razorhead Mix)
    06 Take It (LFO Mix)
    07 The First Letter
    08 Sexy And Rich
    09 Cold Summer's Day / Figures In Crumbs (Erasure)
    10 Drill (Live)

    I am missing Big Glue Canal (Long Rise Mix) from an obscure Mute title: The Italian Mute Sampler

    SIX : WIR30 (Wir mixed by The Hafler Trio)
    01 The First Last Number
    02 The Last Last Number
    Of all of the above, the Graham Lewis and Bruce Gilbert compilations are the most useful and contain the rarest and oddest of tracks. For the Graham Lewis, the first disc is all sound art. Think Dome only less accessible in most cases. I didn't credit the sources for that post, so here it is again:

    01 Threw Her Gewgaw [from Mesmer Variations : 10 minutes of loud noise]
    02 Bing Before Bang [from A Fault In The Nothing : 2 minutes of loud noise]
    03 a new kind of paper [with The Hafler Trio 7" : gentle, droning]
    04 a series of living presences [with The Hafler Trio 7" : more of the same]
    05 I Saved M.I.T. (Yes I Did) [from the VA 2CD set, Decay]
    06 Fiat [from Touch Ringtones : 6 seconds long!]
    07 Kanuanser [from Touch Ringtones : 5 seconds]
    08 Ker-Ring! (for use with the Nokia vibrating phone only) [from Touch Ringtones : 4 seconds]
    09 Doob (from Touch Ringtones : 4 seconds)
    10 A Strong Candidate For Isolation [from RL, Rune Linblad, Swedish sound artist : 10 minute looping melody]
    11 Untitled [from Autistisk Kilskrift (Autistic Cuneiform) : Swedish book with VA CD including this 5+ minute Graham Lewis spoken word piece (in English)]
    12 Herman The Merman Explores The Foreshore [from Echoes From The Foreshore, another Swedish compilation; Graham's piece is 20 minutes; think Dome]

    TWO [all track sources are singles and one from The Shivering Man]

    THREE [all 27/11 tracks]
    01 Bonjour Bonjour! [from Lagrimas De Miedo No 12 Zenon]
    02 Were Ever [from Silver Monk Time]
    03 Oh, How To Do Now? [from the orange 27/11 7"]
    04 Show Me Now [from the orange 27/11 7"]
    05 Were Ever Oh How To Do Now [from Teater Terrier, YouTube download]
    06 A Must Have [from Teater Terrier, YouTube download]
    07 Key Weapon [from Klangsbad Festival 2007]
    08 We Do Not Know [from Kong, YouTube download]

    01 Urania / Under My Skin [from Merge #2B VA CD with Pan Sonic]
    02 Naked, Whooping And Such-Like [with Pro-Seed]
    03 Sun-Gutter [with Pro-Seed]
    04 I Saw The Sign [with Pro-Seed]
    05 I Am Here [from Brainwaves, OOP 3CD VA]
    06 Queen Becomes Citizen After 101 Years Of Babylon Resistance
    07 Hallowed Ground [from Erasure-esque EP]
    08 Profession [with Adjective; Graham produced and provided minimal vocals]
    09 Ballrooms [from I'm Normal, My Heart Still Works]
    10 The Best Things Are Left Unspoken [from Mettle]
    11 Iron Horse [from Anatomy Of A Tear]
    12 Little Lost Star [with Teho Teardo. from YouTube]
    13 Goodbye Good Friend [with Teho Teardo, from YouTube]
    14 Bugged [from Strings Of Consciousness]

    I've seen references to Rank, but cannot find a place to download it.