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    I searched for this in the forum but found nothing that could help.... Sorry if it's anywhere, I'm new here and didn't have the time to read everything.
    I've been looking for the Wire video of "The late show", with Suzanne Somers during the US tour in 1987, but I can't find it anywhere. I know it was on Youtube in the past but I has been deleted. Anybody knows where could I watch or download it? I'm very curious about it!!
    That was my upload on youtube, but the account was deleted when Google merged things. I'm in the midst of a move and don't have immediate access to my dvd's, but later this week I'll rip the video again and upload the file to Mega.
    oh, thank you for your kindness. definitely great to read that! please keep us updated, thanks in advance!
    And here you go. It's around 210 MB, m4v (iTunes) format.!8Ed1wIyY!owcKkBbl2DTkDyYo9k9duUGq5I8QL8NJ_PQHMxOJvG8
    downloading, thanks a lot!!! anxious to watch it, at last.