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    thanks Jim
    it says in the review that it's the last 3 installments, that's okay, but i suppose that we (posh subscribers) have to pay out to get the expanded double CD just to get the singles/b-sides etc. :-(
    Presumably an email will be winging its way to our in-boxes giving us that very same information as we speak..? I naively (and hopefully not too preciously) thought that subscribers got to hear news first! Or does it really matter?
    It's tough figuring out exactly what the verbiage means in the Quietus article. Indeed, it does sound like the deluxe edition will require additional money (available separately, and above and beyond the Legal Bootleg Series), but it is hard to tell for sure. Why bother having what would amount to a 'regular' edition for subscribers, knowing full well competists will sprint the extra funds to acquire the complete, deluxe set?
    That's awfully disappointing.

    From the original newsletter about Bootleg 2:
    "We're now planning a second series of 9 recordings which will include gigs from the 70's up to the present and will also encompass radio recordings. Included will be West Runton Pavillion (1978), Amsterdam - Roxy Music Tour (1979), Berlin (1979) Amsterdam (1987), Metropol, Vienna (1987), Mean Fiddler (1990), The Garage (2000), Scala (2008), German Tour (2009), European Tour (2011) and we are sure we'll find some more!"

    I was really looking forward to a great copy of the Vienna show, which I used to have on a crummy cassette (and loved).

    Oh well.
    I will reserve judgement, but I am more than a bit underwhelmed. we get three albums from a similar period, one which has been released already, with a second version of this album outside the series, possibly with extra tracks.
    It does not say that these instalments are the last three.
    A quick google turns up this too:

    "The digital release is where it gets interesting however, as the band complete their “Legal Bootleg Series” with full unedited recordings of each of the shows."

    If true I agree with 7jlong that this is a bit disappointing, I was personally looking forward to more 21st century Wire above all else. Seems odd that such a contempory and forward looking band would finish this off with 3 recordings all from the first phase of activity.

    This features a listing of the 2CD version.....
    And this covers all formats.....
    Second Length & Catapult 30 - it states they were taken "from an unreleased 1981 single" - no mention that they were later released on the "Crazy About Love" 12" and the "Turns & Strokes" album
    Lovely. Thanks Lee.

    Hopefully we won't have to wait until August for our bootlegs.... getting it early would be a nice "thank you" for all of the delays.
    Facebook page, website, e-mail.......
    We get our news from gigslutz!
    I too am surprised that Second Length and Catapult 30 are being listed as unreleased as these indeed were. Perhaps it is meant literally "unreleased 1981 single" never did see the light of day as a 7" but that's a question of semantics. Here's hoping these tracks will be different mixes, or better yet, alternate versions (but I doubt it).

    As far as it comes to the complete shows as the final installment of the LBS, for those who have not heard the Electric Ballroom show in its entirety, it is really important, historical material that should have been released long ago. I am looking forward to it because I am assuming it will have better sound than the bootleg of that show I already have. Actually, I have everything listed for this release as bootlegs and again, I am looking forward to hearing this material in better sound.

    "Track 05: a personal recording from Jan. 1979 in Cadaqués, Spain"
    ...what does that mean? Live?
    So after the Jeanatta Cochrane live boot and this - the only track that is now exclusive to "Turns & Strokes" is "A Panamanian Craze".
    I emailed State51 to see if they knew when the release date is, we'll see if they come back with anything...
    If the sound clip of 12XU is any indication I'm not hearing anything that differs in the way of sound quality from the original
    The answer to lerfact25 is: yes, correct.

    The answer to specotron: probably Colin on his hols strumming an early version into a cassette recorder
    Thanks Kevin. Your suggestion would be far better than just a loose live track.