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    Looking at the live shows for 1979 Wire weren't in Cadaques in January...or ever have been so I'm assuming it has to be a private recorded 'demo'
    Whilst all the comments recently about the bootleg series etc may hold some water please bear in mind that pinkflag is effectively administered by Colin alone. Not to diminish Graham or Rob's input the day to day running lies with Colin.
    Considering this and the fact they have been dealing with current and future activities I think a little more tolerance should be in order.
    Tolerance in regard to which aspect?

    I have long understood that the Pinkflag label is a very small operation, and understand the problems that may bring.

    However, I do not feel that a one-sentence update prior to the D+E press release would have been an unfair burden or expectation of anyone involved with Pinkflag, one-man show or not: "Dear subscribers: the third installment is taking a while, as you've noticed. Please bear with us while we finish up." I'll never understand why in situations like this businesses/friends/colleagues/whatever decide that silence is the better path. Even admitting "we have no answer, but we're working on it" is more comforting than nothing.

    As for D+E and related seeming to be the final installment rather than a few things that were mentioned as "will" be included (not "may" be included) - I'm sorry, but if the second bootleg series is really going to end with these 3 shows and these 3 shows only, the announcement was a bait-and-switch. Would I have ordered the series anyway? If it was advertised that the final third of it was going to be these three shows, probably not.

    As it happens, I think I've been quite tolerant of the fact that I was offered a product, purchased it, and then sat through 9 months of silence to find out when I'd get the last third of what I paid for 18 months ago.

    Perhaps the 2nd series should not have been offered until it was already in the can if Pinkflag was going to get too busy to attend to it once CBU appeared.
    I don't work for pinkflag and I have not been prompted by anyone in the pinkflag/Wire camp to say what I said above. I sympathise with the comments made by 7jlong above.
    One would hope that an official statement on and this forum will be forthcoming soon to clarify the future of the Bootleg series and the long delays.
    No, what you asked was reasonable - and you've been careful to make it clear over the years that though you're better connected than many of us via ELAH and WMO (or however your connection to the band began), you are not "internal" Pinkflag. I have a tendency to pay more attention to your comments due to those connections, but I never imagined that Wire was sending you notes: "stick up for Pinkflag on the forum, wouldja?" Doesn't sound like their style.

    But.. I dunno. I guess I said what I wanted to above. A brief update for those who paid long ago is very, very little to ask. Time is tight for everyone...

    ... particularly for the Quietus' copy editor, it would seem: "Document and Witness"?
    According to State 51 we will be hearing from Pink Flag "Shortly"
    While I understand the complaints, especially with regards to the non-notification after all these months, I think this last run of LBS is a great send-off. Of course, I'm one of the few who actually liked D&E (and was lucky enough to get a bootleg of the unedited show), but this proposed material represents a very important era in Wire history. It also makes for perfect companion pieces to the deluxe D&E coming in August. Apparently Wire's swan songs of the late 70s will be well-represented by multiple complete shows (and demos) from the era. What better follow-up to Change Becomes Us?
    Whilst this has been mentioned as the closing of LB2, I would actually be quite surprised if there isn't an LB3. There are still gigs mentioned in the lead up to LB2 that haven't been released. My only real gripe ober this latest announcement is that after all the waiting and speculation we find out by chance through The Quietus, Gigslutz, etc. I feel subscribers and fans should have been informed exclusively first - either through the pinkflag email or an announcement through here. That's the bit that rankles with me.
    Legal bootleg series 3 is available now on
    Official announcement now out via email and here:
    Where can one find the new installment for download? I'm not seeing it on greed bag or pink despite the press release saying it would be immediately available (in bold letters!)
    From the email announcing the reissue of DE and the final installment of the Legal Bootleg Series:
    '...the three new items in the Legal Bootleg Series 2 will be immediately available to all subscribers to the complete series.'

    'immediately available' does imply now (as in there should be an email with download links in my inbox).
    Has anyone received download notification yet?
    Just checking.
    I'm a subscriber and I don't have the links either.
    Nothing for me. Received the announcement email, but no dl links or anything in the greedbag basket.
    Thanks for the information. Considering how terrible State51/Greedbag has been in the past, I just wanted to make sure they didn't screw up again. I'm guessing the email will come shortly.

    That said, 50% of the time (literally), I have to rely on a friend to make the downloads available to me because 50% of the time, the links from State51 do not work (and that assumes he does not trouble with them as is often the case). If there is going to be another LBS, I hope Wire chooses another service to provide the downloads. If not, I will pass on it.
    Yeah, I'm also trying to understand the definition of "immediately" here. -Another frustrated subscriber.
    Has anybody logged on to their Greedbag account to check the downloads aren't already sat there waiting to be downloaded? I would but I'm at my daughters music club concert.
    They aren't there. I emailed Greedbag to find out what the deal is. Will share once I hear back.

    Not only am I looking forward to these shows, I'm also looking forward to washing my hands of this entire arrangement. Pardon my french but what a clusterf*ck from beginning to end. There's really no other word to describe it.
    A very eloquent and precise way of calling it. What a shame. (Nothing in my inbox either).
    Mine are there. No notification yet....probably being uploaded to everyone before e-mail goes out.
    Anyway downloaded and enjoying....