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    No luck for me yet.
    No email or downloads
    No email or downloads. Strange it's only available to some people but not to others. I would have expected it's either uploaded (and then available to everyone who subscribed) or not uploaded. They must be using a strange system.
    They were there waiting for me, and like all committed consumers, I might have been taken advantage of, I might also have been neglected, but for that moment I was happy. Listened to Notre Dame, which is great. Downloaded Montreaux, but having some difficulties downloading the Electric Ballroom. I assume that if I want the extra tracks on the D&E I have to buy it again....
    No wonder in Read & Burn Colin claims that Wire have never been more commercially viable.
    Still nothing over here. If some kind soul wants to upload I'd appreciate it. I can provide proof that I am a paying customer.
    Apologies for piling on, but I find it bizarre that some people have access to the new discs and some don't. Isn't it a basic database question where if your account indicates that you've paid for the second round, access to the new batch equals yes? The whole "some people have access, some don't" issue—and this isn't the first time—makes it seem like they have elves handcrafting and delivering each set of files one by one to each account and it takes time to go down the list. One would think it'd be automatic, and if one person has them, everyone who has paid has them.
    Yes, that's exactly what i was wondering. Obviously not very good database and/or software design, and seems to require manual intervention where a flag in a field of a database table would be sufficient.
    After emailing State 51 they've now sent me the links. Will check whether they download OK later on tonight.
    Comments deleted ... no point in my pitching in!
    Why? I read them before you deleted them - they make a lot of sense.
    No email from S51 telling me the discs were there, but they were available for me this morning.
    > Why? I read them before you deleted them - they make a lot of sense.

    I got hammered last time I made a comment about the first bootleg series and prices, and didn't fancy going through that again ... but thanks for your kind words anyway!
    I have had time to reflect, and there is much to consider,
    On the plus side, the Notre Dame gig is a gem, the best in the series in my opinion, and to not even play so many of the recently recorded songs in favour of new tracks is a testimony to their artistic integrity. The D&E set benefits from being released in full, but is an even more uncomfortable listen than the edited version. Again, to play so many new works in progress was brave, but this time they pushed too far. Too many tracks are a mess, but it is compelling all the same.
    Where I have a strong reservation is the need to release the Montreux set when it is so similar to the Amsterdam gig is misguided. I also am unhappy that I have to pay again to get the extra tracks on the 2 CD version of D&E.
    So was it worth it? I think that it was, but only because of the brilliance of Notre dame and Sherwood Forest.
    I agree with your assessments. The completist in me is happy to see the Montreux released just to have the complete D&E picture even if it only included one song.

    The Notre Dame show is the high watermark of Wire live recordings in my opinion. Just an unbelievable performance and setlist. Hearing "Midnight Banholf Cafe" from this show is a huge revelation for me.

    The Amsterdam show should have never been released when so many other shows are sitting in the vaults. Too many post-Chairs Missing pre-154 Wire shows that have an almost identical set to the On The Box show.

    Between Re-Cycling Sherwood Forest, The 2009 Poland Show and the long-awaited release of the complete D&E shows I would say the set was worth it. It's just too bad it was so poorly run from beginning to end. I will sit out series 3 if there is one for that reason.
    I am hoping that my budget for 2015 includes new material, rather than more live gigs. I have to accept that I can be tempted so saying not again goes against my instincts. I would, though, like to see more session material released in the third tranche...
    If I do buy, though, I would prefer to see some clearer timelines and an idea of the likely output.
    Anyone actually heard from s51?
    Yes - they sent me the links the night after I enquired. The official pinkflag email never arrived though. Strange thing re the zip files - all three have an mp3 and flac playlist each - Montreux and Notre Dame have individual FLACS (not individual MP3's) but the Electric Ballroom has individual MP3's (not individual FLACS). Didn't know what to do with the playlist so spent an interminable time individually downloading the Electric Ballroom FLACS from the site. Call me Luddite but I felt it was the only way.
    If there is an LBS 3.0 and if State51 is running the show again, count me out.
    At last...
    Completely agree with stevethehouse: Notre Dame has it all (even having heard most of it already): magnificent set list, pushing things forward, banter (of a sort) and many of me all-time faves!! Even though Colin dismisses 'Cafe', it's always held me in its thrall and sounds even bigger live.
    "Banholf Cafe" is awesome, it's like Wire almost venturing off into power pop territory with that chorus. If Colin hates that song it's certainly not evident in that performance! One of the all-time great Wire deep cuts.