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    I'd like something recent.....
    We recorded quite a lot of the shows in the 2013 UK & EU tours. And it ticks all the boxes of "uniqueness" in that any audience recordings are liable to be much less good. The only downside of that would be that the band may well want to wait until the new album is out before putting live versions of the new songs.
    What about 2011 to tie in with the D&E theme?
    Yeah my preference would be for recent but can totally understand why Wire would not want to release tracks where the studio versions weren't out yet, failing that the 2nd 2011 tour where CBU tracks were previewed would be good. 43mins or so of the XOYO gig have surfaced recently but not the rest, this one is an absolute belter, one of the best Wire live recordings I have ever heard quality-wise too.

    Also what about Drill:London, was that properly recorded? Pretty unique set, although paying royalties to all the guitarists would be a headache, I'd imagine!

    Lastly Flag: Burning is another unique one that has never surfaced in it's entirety except an audience recording.

    "Also what about Drill:London, was that properly recorded? Pretty unique set, although paying royalties to all the guitarists would be a headache, I'd imagine!"

    Too right - I'll be after my tuppence halfpenny LOL!
    A bit of a different tack, but thinking about the new material on the upcoming revised D & E, if there exists listenable rehearsal tapes for other albums, that could be worthwhile and satisfying.
    Red Barked Tree Tour sounds good to me, especially shows that included the songs that didn't make the cut (Up From Above, Because, etc) - either that or the pre-CBU tour where stuff like 5/10 hadn't yet morphed into its final form
    I would also vote for the tour prior to CBU
    On old suggestion from me, but the BBC sessions from 2002 onwards would be of interest, many of these are live, and the last Riley session was a peach.
    Rehearsal tapes and discarded tracks interest, but not really an LB2 option.
    Interesting ideas. I think I've got the complete XOYO somewhere (but it might be only in multitrack). You do know there was video of that too? Too complicated to put video in the LBS though! But I remember the video look great and the audio was pretty powerful.

    Unfortunately glitches took the DRILL : LONDON recordings. I have the set in multitrack but without vocals & the guitar orchestra failed to record :( I was a bit gutted about that at the time! WE do try to grab as many live recordings as we can in all kinds of circumstances but the show always has to be the priority for our sound man so things can go wrong.

    BBC - no chance! When last I checked (not very long ago) the BBC has wildly unrealistic ideas about what their archive is worth (unlike radio France who gave us Black Session for a really decent price)

    BTW everyone should congratulate Craig on becoming a dad!
    I notice that Sweet Baboo is releasing a 1,000 limited edition Marc Riley sessions LP, so either the price has gone down, or they are charging market rates for highly desirable Wire artefacts compared to other artists!
    Yes I did notice that too. I'm thinking to ask Marc if he knows how that happened.
    Congrats Craig!

    Another vote for a 2013 tour show (when the time comes). - going back a bit how about the Royal Festival Hall 'All in the Brochure' Set in full.
    Would Colin mind explaining, to a man who has no knowledge, what "only in multitrack" means and it's significance please?
    It means that Colin has a recording of the gig with each instrument, vocal and pperhaps several Mics placed around Robert's drums recorded as separate tracks (much like a studio recording). The significance is that Colin would need to mix each of the separate tracks together just as he would when mixing an LP in order to create a finished version for Official Bootleg series. The downside of that is it'll take a lot of time (and unlikely to happen before the next LP/tour) , the upside is that it means a top quality live LP can be mixed that'll sound much better than one taped from the sound desk, and infinitely better than an audience recording.
    yes :)
    Get Mike Thorne to mix it? would be an interesting
    Unfortunately paying anyone to mix anything like his would so break the budget that it would turn this into a huge loss making concern! As it stands we don't make a lot out of the LBS, it has a necessarily small audience.
    Thanks very much (R Swimmer / Colin). That was my guess!
    I know that this is an absurd thought, but it would be a special treat if you, and just for one song, provided the stems for a multitrack live recording for the subscribers. Guessing that there are plenty of music hobbyists or frustrated musicians who would enjoy trying to assemble a beautiful sound cake from the delicious ingredients. It's a ridiculous suggestion but I would love to try to assemble something worthy of the Wire canon. Hiding now...
    I sent a note to Marc Riley which he read out last week suggesting that he should encourage artists to release the best of his sessions, and pointed out the sheer brilliance of the last Wire session as an example.