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    Wonderful article in August The Wire from Graham and his Epiphanies.
    Inside back page for those who don't want to buy the magazine.

    How about listing your own epiphanies. Here's mine:
    Van der Graaf Generator
    Steve Reich
    Buzzcocks 'Spiral Scratch'
    Fela Kuti
    Elizabeth Archer and the Equators
    Erik Satie
    Kurt Schwitters (via Eno's Kurts Rejoinder track)
    Miles Davis
    Tony Hancock

    Samuel Beckett
    William Burroughs
    Tom Wolfe The Painted Word
    Alvin Toffler

    I could go on and on...

    Your turn
    Excellent article ! Just read it online, as I'm a digital subscriber now, having reached a point of maximum archival capacity with 20 years of Wire magazines weighing down my shelves. There's so much in Graham's piece - rich as gur-cake it is.. loved this especially:

    "Do you have to be conscious or could you receive an epiphany unconsciously ? Kind of slipped under your door into the hallway of your life, where it would quietly wait to reveal itself on a later date - supposing it didn't get lost under an avalanche of junk mail."

    Plenty more where these stories came from I'm sure - would make a great book !
    Totally agree. Graham's humour and turn of phrase shine through with the article. A great raconteur.

    Anyone who has spent time with both him and Bruce over a pint or three knows how side-splitting some of these stories could be.

    Graham -- we want more!!
    Absolutely. Those conversations generally involve a lot of laughter ! There's a rich seam to mine there. Nice bit of circularity with the younger Klara & Mira grooving to the paint mixer. Nice blend of nature and nurture I think ! As for their Poppa - some great 60s gigs attended, which calls to mind a line from The Life Of Brian (from a dungeon bound Palin to those going for crucifixion): "You lucky, lucky bastards !"
    Some epiphanies/landmarks:

    Ege bamyasi/Soon Over Babaluma/Future Days/Tago Mago
    Possible Musics/Dream Theory/Magic Realism
    Black President/Original Sufferhead/ITT
    Music For Films/On Land
    An obstinate clot of '79 beauties: 154/Unknown Pleasures/Secondhand Daylight/Entertainment !/Metal Box/Do It Yourself
    MZUI (pretty sure I'm in a minority of one here)

    Waiting For Godot/Krapp's Last Tape (the latter played by Max Wall in The Riverside Studios, Hammersmith, in '86, though my favourite is the BBC2 version with Patrick Magee - written for him, as it's working title was Magee Monologue).
    Molloy/Malone Dies/The Unnameable

    Einsturzende Neubauten, ULU, March '85

    The Bow Gamelan, ICA, August '86

    Morton Feldman's String Quartet II, National Concert Hall, Dublin 2006

    I could also go on and on, but that's more than enough for now..