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    We have been asked both in feedback forms and through the Myspace page if "Object 47" is coming out on vinyl. The short answer is YES but it gets better :)

    So this is the item we have in preparation. Firstly the album itself on decent heavy vinyl in a suitably adapted sleeve but also the first run (not sure how many just yet) will also feature a vinyl version of "read & burn 03" which will fit, with the album into a specially wide sleeve. I'll get a bit more tecchy about the actual specs when we get into production. We are aiming to have the album available to coincide with the September UK dates. No guesses needed about what's going to be available in the merch store then :)
    Brilliant. Heavy vinyl seems to be the norm nowadys. Hope the punters who are dedicated to Wire get first option on purchasing it??
    Got just about everything (Legal) on Vinyl. Still a couple of boots to get.
    Licking my lips as I write. Well done in releasing it on vinyl.
    Fantastic news Colin - and R&B3 too - just brilliant. Can't wait to get my sticky paws on this. :)
    This is great news...any chance there will be a DL code with it too?
    Really Really Really like Object 47, and some of you thought it was long enough!! still can't get my head 'round that, If I were 'Boss' I'd insist on another 20 minutes of this sort of quality music be added,we all know Wire are more than capable.
    Or is it that y'all have tapped into the 'less is more' theme?
    "If I were 'Boss' I'd insist on another 20 minutes of this sort of quality music be added,we all know Wire are more than capable."

    Maybe you should listen to R&B 03 and O47 one after the other, then!
    Craig's right. Listen to Object 47 and Read & Burn 3 back to back and you have yourself a 60 minute epic. Even weave the R&B3 tracks through O47 with 23 Years Too late as the centrepiece. Not what the band envisaged as part of their artistic statement, I suspect. But we fans can do anything we like... can't we?
    Any update info on release date??
    Also any other stuff for sale on the Tour Merch stall??
    There's a pre-order up at release date as 22/9, but who knows if that's right? Often these dates change.
    Cheers for that. Would prefer to buy it through this site though.
    Have bought some stuff from Normanrecords before. No problems with them.
    Thought it might have been out earlier to conincide with the tour?
    Has been asked before, I ask it again though: Will the vinly version include a download code?

    A bunch of labels do that these days, and it enables me to buy vinyl and I can still listen to thesongs on my iPod...
    Just noticed it's available for pre-order from Amazon:

    I'm holding out for a pre-order though.
    Hi all,

    The vinyl release of "Object 47" is now available for pre-order in the pinkflag shop HERE. We had hoped that copies would be ready in order that we could sell them at the upcoming UK dates but I'm not sure they will be ready now.

    The shop itself is now almost ready. We are waiting until it's all done and dusted before doing the formal "launch".


    Just ordered it. cheers.
    Great news Colin - just ordered a copy - it'll also be great to have R&B3 on vinyl too, can't wait for that!
    Any news on the release date on this? October the fron page says, but when?
    Ta like.
    Are there any plans to bring this release to the states? As it stands right now, with the weak dollar we'd be paying well over $30 for this release. I'll probably still buy it, but I'm just curious.
    I'm still waiting on a final delivery date. Co-ordination not helped by currently being in LA!!

    It will be available via conventional distribution in the US but mail order will be quicker once it turns up!

    Btw everone who has it on backorder will get the double.


    Thanks Colin. I'll probably pre-order it now out of fear that I won't get the limited edition pressing of R&B03
    Sound. Already pre-ordered when it first became available a while back, so will get the double Yipee!!