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    The latest I've heard is that we will be able to start dispatching next Monday.... Fingers crossed..

    I was trolling around and saw this discussion, which has evidently been of interest to a few
    people. In Ottawa, if I heard correctly, wire views the vinyl product to be a bit of an
    extravagance, presumably because it has a limited market and doesn’t give very good returns.
    Like others, I applaud the production of a vinyl version of Object 47 and have purchased a copy
    online. I await its arrival with interest. In making a vinyl version, wire is acknowledging that this
    is still a commercial risk that they are willing to take.

    My ‘pink flag’ and ‘chairs missing’ vinyl albums are still alive, 25 years or so after I purchased
    them. Lots of hiss crackle pop which makes them real and things that grow through life picking
    up a few scars and signs of good use. If I feel like repeating a section in a song I like, I don't need
    to search for it using a menu and some technofreaks decision about the best way to access sound -
    I use my eye, a bit of guesswork and try to keep the shakes in line while I do it. It is a visual,
    tactile thing that keeps me in touch with the ground around me. I admire the art work, prop it up
    if I feel like it. The words are on the sleeve -- I can read them without a magnifying glass or some
    contortions with a cheap insert. The whole thing is ART and, like good art, it is valued. My local
    record store (birdman) shifts wire albums (new or old) like crazy. The man himself was amazed to
    hear that vinyl was looked upon as a novelty -- his shop is filled with vinyl, maybe half of it is
    brand new. Supercool place, because instead of the ‘clik clik clik’ of them plastic cases, it is
    whoosh, wump etc.

    I don't buy CD's. MP3's give me the pip, although it is nice to hear a few free tunes on the net
    (that’s part of the reason I bought Object 47, because I listened to a couple of the MP3s on this
    web site). For me, recorded music is more than just a sound out of a speaker. It is everything
    down to the little notes that are etched in the last bit of the wax near the hole of a record, the so-
    called run-out groove, where you can often find that the record is 'a porky prime cut' or are
    offered a sample of oblique humour. (Etchings are sometimes surreal – one of my favourites is off
    a ‘Slug’ 45, and says on side A: “why he stuck to the racing game with its tremendous risks and
    low rewards ...” and concludes on side B with: “was a mystery his best friends could never
    understand.” . It’s always a treat - never know what you’re going to find. Sadly, neither of the
    wire albums – both EMI ‘Harvest’ UK pressings - have any etch offerings.

    So why am I going on about this? I guess that, for me, vinyl is a lot more than just a way that
    sound is transmitted, or a marketing option. It is the only choice worth making. I’m pleased that,
    in spite of their reservations, wire has gone ahead with pressings. Keep it alive, man. Rok on.
    Of course you're right, except that I don't think vinyl is thought of as a novelty...vinyl is big business again. I've not bought a CD in 2 years, and managed to get hold of almost all the bands I follow and buy, on vinyl. You should visit - although it seems to be visited by US kids, it does prove that vinyl is alive and should see how quickly limited pressings are snapped up.
    Over theyears you can always rely on Wire to release their stuff on LP (albeit later than the CD) and I'm dying to get hold of this album....hopefully very soon....
    I don't suppose vinyl sales will overtake CD sales ever again but reports from allover the world are saying that pressing plants are way behind schedules because of the orders placed (hence the delay on O47 I imagine) and that whilst vinyl sales represent a small percentage of overall music sales, vinyl sales are up by around 45%
    Long may it live.
    I tend to find that although vinyl does indeed hold a certain attraction and I do covet my collection and beautiful old turntable, being indignant, snooty, and dismissive of other paths that people have chosen to take in the audio-experience department rarely leads to positive results. I've made several choices, all of them - in my book (and, I realize, possibly no one else's) - worth making. You want the Pink Flag 8-Track? Go for it. I never, ever would for any reason (except perhaps as a museum piece), but I'm delighted that other people do things the way they want to and are happy with the results. Rock on.

    I hesitate to get into several very worthwhile discussions regarding the impact that vinyl mastering has on original recordings. For years recordings were made with this in mind and mixed accordingly, so really no harm done, while still others were recorded in the studio as the artist wanted them to sound and then squished into a medium that is inherently more limited than studio gear - be it vinyl, cassette, CD... ask any vinyl cutting engineer who is also a musician. Wendy Carlos, for example, who goes the other way and is indignant that anyone would listen to vinyl at all, but also makes a few good points.

    MP3 is an archaic compromise, and should not be pursued by anyone who truly wants to settle into digital audio technologies. Leaps and bounds have been made since then, whether or not people choose to acknowledge them. The "Loudness Wars" that ruin many CD reissues of classic albums is another problem. What does a mastering engineer know about what the band/producer/engineer heard in the studio? The good ones intuitively know and get it right. The not-so-good shove up all the faders, squash it with trickery, and make a complete mess of things. Then we play it on our own equipment that is set up the way we want it - lots of top? Heavy on the bass? No midrange? How do I know what the band wants me to hear? Totally subjective, unless Colin, Graham, and Robert wish to stop by for a listening party and twiddle with my amplifiier. Open invitation!

    Just an observation, not meaning to start any wars. Hey, I just bought the 27#11 7". Overjoyed that I did.

    (Please also note that in my mish-mash review of O47 elsewhere on this forum I commented that the coloring that vinyl lends to audio may be right up that album's alley... though with the exchange I'm afraid I have to hold off until I can find it locally)
    Vinyl is big business after a decline in the 90,s. Most of my Record collection is on vinyl.
    Most Indie bands must have a 7" version of a single available and try and get an album on vinyl as well, despite the costs.
    I have a huge amount of CD,s but as the previous poster said, I too haven,t bought a CD for ages.
    I have 3 turntables at present and am seriously thinking of getting an old Dansette for my amusement.
    I personally think that outwith the music on the vinyl, an Album Sleeve, Inner Sleeve ,Vinyl, label, run-off writing (Porky Prime Cut remember that!!) is intself a work of art. I spent and still do spend many an hour studying the covers and lyric sheets of my collection when playing them. For connoissuers of vinyl I would suggest buying Record Collector Magazine
    which I have been buying since the way back in 1979. Wire discography featured in the 1987 issue, which is way out of date.
    Depsite persistant letters from myself to update Wire,s disc or better still on the solo output, they have so far failed to act.
    All of the above is true but DOES NOT explain the inordinate delay that the pressing plant is taking over the pressing of this item. It seems that unbeknownst to anyone the factory actually relocated a month ago! You cannot believe how frustrating this has been to all concerned. They were in fact supposed to have been stickered and delivered to our UK distributor today..... This AFAIK did not happen. IF (and judging by past performance we can't be sure) they do manage to deliver on Monday then we will have them at pinkflag mailorder on Tuesday. We are getting daily e.mails from people who think we are tasking a long tome with their orders BUT they can't be taken care of until the stock is there!!


    surely the whole 'point' of c.d's is 'convenience', try loading an l.p on your computer and converting to mp3 so you can listen on a long journey to things you haven't listened to in awhile, or the streaming concerts available online and transferring them to an l.p!.
    now if you want to really listen to that album of course you have the option of recording it to a cassette, but who the heck wants to lug a cassette player around in this day and age, my sansa fuze fits right in my pocket.

    much as I agree that l.p's sound better than c.d's (IF you have really really good expensive equipment) I'll take c.d's any time, I can transport them so much easier.
    Some people are just Impatient SwimHQ. They should actually be Greatful that you are giving them, what
    amounts to a FREE LP with Object 47 if they Pre-ordered. Can,t please some people can you?

    Ari, We,ll agree to differ on the CD/Vinyl front. I still get a buzz placing a piece of vinyl on a turntable.
    Maybe it is because I grew up with vinyl, especially the late 70,s when it was at its peak.
    Convenience has never been an issue for me. I find CD,s an overpriced bit of plastic with no personality.
    Stefm2, I read Record Collector too...I don't know why because I am a record listener rather than a collector but Its a strangely enjoyable read, oddly timeless and seemingly unscathed by the 21st century.

    A Wire feature is long overdue but never mind, I'm sure next months issue will feature a complete Nik Kershaw discography, an in depth interview with the bass player from Porcupine Tree, and an It Bites retrospective. ;)
    Thanks for the update Colin. Relying on others is always a gamble unfortunately, but when you have to do so - you would think they would do their utmost to offer a decent service. Surely these people (the pressing plant) realize that by giving a sloppy service they are seriously jeopardizing the possibilty of future business with you - and at the same time sullying their name with others!

    In the meantime, now that you have explained the situation fully, I'm sure everyone of this forum will carry on patiently waiting for what will undoubtedly be worth the wait!
    swimhq: As I'm sure you are well aware, people should be emailing you with excessive gratitude that you've decided to do this at all, not sending you nagging questions about timeliness. Posteverything's unfortunate demise illustrates all too well how frustrating and heartbreaking doing something like music distribution must be in general. Thanks for soldiering on - I watched the Pink Flag America 1977-1979 box delay, and delay, and delay, and now that I own one all I can say is: so very much worth the wait, and again, thanks for doing it in the first place.
    Ari - you'll probably find that if you buy and LP these days a fair number of them with a download code, so you can get a free digital copy of the album, to put on your iPod, MP3 player, CD or whatever. Now you can get the best of both worlds. Of course not all companies do this, but a lot do (major or indie labels), so check that out. Failing that plug your turntable into your PC - it's easy as recording to cassette, or (whisper) download it!
    Stefm2 I absolutely agree, CDs are an overpriced piece of plastic that are too small to read, produce music with no feeling, and have no soul.
    Got my double vinyl this morning, just listening to it now - sounds great - bear in mind that I've not heard R&B3 or O47 till now, but the vinyl mastering is lovely, warm, the usual. Nice packaging too.
    Mightly impressed myself. Good product HQ, well worth the wait.
    What is the availability of R&B03 if we have yet to pre-order? I was low on cash and It seems I put it off for too long.
    My double vinyl arrived today - haven't had a chance to listen to it yet, but it certainly looks the job. The weight is lovely and the packaging is great. Quite amazing for the money actually - I bought a couple of other double vinyl albums recently and they were both over twenty quid!

    Thanks lads (Wire) - a very high quality product indeed.
    I just bought it today - looks very good, and I've been either pleasantly surprised or very shocked (depending on the side you look at) about the price difference between the ltd edition Wire album w/ the ep and the Clash live album with no extras.

    While I paid 18 Euro for my copy of 'Object 47', the Clash album was supposed to be 27 Euro (argh). Just because I'm friends with the shop owners I got it for their wholesale price (22 Euro). Incredible. And thanks to Wire for making their album so affordable!

    I still miss a download coupon, if I may have a little suggestion. It's great to have the vinyl, but I would also love to have the songs on my iPod. More & more labels are doing that now, and I think it's a great idea... Anyhow, can't wait to hear the album.
    Personally I think if you have shelled out 18 euros for the preservationist Vinyl, and there is no download voucher on offer then you have a moral right to download the album for free from whichever p2p network or torrent site you choose.
    You need no moral right to download anything.
    perforated anarchists

    yeah – got the double album a couple of weeks ago, but needed to listen to all the material a
    couple of times to get a good feel for it. Furious stuff, no holds barred, gives me hope that even
    in middle age I might have a go at a bit of sonic destruction myself. Not looking back, this lot are
    still swimming towards the horizon. What is cool is that this is miles away from flags missing ... I
    really need to have a look at the other 43 or so objects that I haven’t heard ...

    Great cover, cool art, lyrics I can read if I want to – everything I look for in vinyl. Built like a tank
    too - no wobbly plates. Yeah, its not portable but so what. Outside the house, I like the sounds of
    the city and the country. Buses, fire trucks, kids in the school yard, blue jays screaming at each
    other, some git laying rubber with an overpowered car. That being said, I agree that this vinyl
    thing is personal and I have to agree with whoever wrote it way back there in this forum, that
    being superior about tech choices gets us nowhere. I still make mixed tapes, but there’s fewer and
    fewer places to play them (the deck in my old jetta and the boombox in the kitchen), so I can see
    the attraction of an object 47 download. I no longer object, just revel in my own choice.

    Meeting the band, hearing this material live, following the problems to get this pressed into vinyl
    and then going back in time to the beginning, reading the ebb and flow of remarks made here and
    finally receiving the much anticipated package in the mail has been a strangely fulfilling
    experience. There is something very real and human about it all, even though communication has
    been largely digital.

    As an aside, I have found B. Hell’s interventions intriguing and entertaining. The swath cut by
    these comments across all of the veins of commentary is impressive. Please continue.