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    Is anyone going to ant of the three gigs in Spain over the next week? I would be interested to hear how many of the new songs are on the set, and what direction what direction the band are moving.
    I'm going to the gig in San Sebastian on the 24th. Quite excited as it's the FIRST time I see them live!! too many years trying to check them live but always had problems when they played in Spain.

    I'd say I think it's quite an interesting time to see them, as they are moving in a direction I really like, I find the newer stuff, since Send, very, very enjoyable. they are, indeed, one of the last bands that are still doing new things after all these years.

    I'll update here after the gig wit that info you request, Stevie. I expect they will play new songs, I'm very curious to listen to them. Yes I'd like to listen to a few older songs too, but I'd prefer songs that I haven't listened before.

    Colin, if you read this, I really wish you enjoy that gig (and the previous of course), and give me a reason to keep loving Wire and return home as happy as I expect!
    Well everything was perfect in San Sebastian, except for the rainy weather that almost ruined a few songs right through the middle of the set (it was open air), but we endured it as we could. The band sounded like a chainsaw on speed, very good sound although Lewis bass was maybe a bit noisy. Not many new songs, as I expected, they played the last albums and a few old ones too, during 1 hour and a half, approximately. Excellent gig in my opinion, I really enjoyed it! To my surprise, they opened with "Marooned" followed by "Drill", which I wasn't expecting so early. Matthew Simms is an excellent addition to the band, he's a very talented musician, I think he fits the band perfectly. Colin seemed to enjoy the front row pogo during the fastest songs, I liked the audience response so much.
    I don't remember all the songs, they played Marooned, Drill, Magic bullet, Blogging, Smash, Adore your island, Map Ref. 41, Please take, Stealth of a stork.... as I said, not many new songs, but an excellent selection. I loved the gig!
    thanks for the information Fabio!
    Great review on the Spain show Fabio and thanks. For a reason to keep on loving Wire, I just put on any of their cds and listen, this works for me, especially if I am stuck in traffic in my car, yeah I know I am kind of old school but I can't change that and don't want to! Hope the guys are thinking of their next north American tour soon. Debra in Toronto.
    Speaking of the old school appeal of CD's, and Wires in particular, there's nothing like slowly peeling off the cellophane cover, running your fingers along the box edge while opening it, prying out that shiny, alluring disc while your excitement mounts quickly at what you are about to experience.......

    Sorry, I will stop now, my divorce was final over a year ago and I don't want to get kicked off this forum. I am just bored and wanted to stir things up a little. Sometimes this board is a little dull, no offence....
    Hello Debra in Toronto!