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    Not a big one for these "greatest' lists as a rule but Wire feature on this one at number 16. Slightly confusing criteria at work as some artists are nominated through an album while others are in for singles/songs but at least there are some lesser known acts included along with the usual suspects.
    Of course 'Outdoor Miner' on that well known indie label EMI. I despair
    Mm. Any of the truly indie Pink Flag releases would have been a better option, not least because they also show the band's longevity.
    Given it's about indie records, here was me thinking someone had made the particularly inspired choice of nominating Ahead or something.
    Very few of these so-called greatest lists are ever inspired imho
    The guiding principle of those lists is to inspire passionate rebuttal and generate page clicks. Something considered and persuasively argued doesn't have nearly the same possibility of success as a half-assed effort.
    'Indie' never really meant 'released on an independent label'. This was thrown into sharp relief in the late 80s when the Indie Top 10 was dominated by Kylie, Jason Donovan, Sonia and Rick Astley who were barging The Pastels and Close Lobsters out of the way ..why? because Pete Waterman's PWL was an Indie label.
    Also whenever Depeche Mode or Erasure had a single out they'd top the Indie Chart too by virtue of being signed to Mute but neither would be classed as 'indie'.

    The Mojo list actually isn't a bad stab at capturing what 'Indie' meant in musical terms between say 85 and 94 (if you gloss over Franz and The Libertines). Wire, Joy Division and Josef K's influence loomed large over those bands and bear in mind it's aimed at Mojo readers who mainly listen to Bruce Springsteen or Pink Floyd reissues and eye anything 'punk' or 'indie' with great suspicion.