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    I've been severely lacking in my digitizing of music (I hate the term "ripping" - I need a jargon colonoscopy to see how much jargon's been put in my nether-region) and grabbed A-Z, Singing Fish/Not To (plus CN1) and each disc has disc rot. Bought them around the time that they came out and kept in a non-brutal environment (I live in San Francisco but I'm dead center of the city so it isn't like I'm dipping my toes in the surf while listening to my Discman) but there's black spots on the outer edge that are slowly encroaching inward - some accidentally forming what look like an inverted image of a sperm. Since the CD format is an "Inside -> Out" data structure, everything is currently readable but wanted to ask if this is happening to any/many other copies.

    Any more victims of the rot out there?
    Checked mine and all looks ok. No black spots. No rot
    My copy is fine.
    All fine here. Although it would be nice to hear some sympathetic remasters & Hi Rez versions
    My A-Z CD plays perfectly ok. No issues.