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    Savages are phenomenal live. Should be interesting.
    a bit more info about who's playing where & what you get for yer £60 tckt might be of some use!?!?!?!??!
    These are "early bird" tickets which I presume means they're cheaper in advance of the running order and stages being finalised so 60 quid is the "take a punt" price. Presumably day/weekend tickets will be available once they've firmed up the bill. Looks like at the very least you'll get Githead, Wire/Swans/Drill, a full Wire set and possibly some other Wire related interventions over the 4 days but bound to be some clashes with the other bands. That's festivals for yer.
    according to what one inch badge posted on facebook there will be a second wave of artists announced mid october and a third wave announced mid november. no info on when they will announce the running order though. if something like 100 artists are playing in four days there will be plenty of clashes i guess.
    actually even the 25 already announced acts are probably more than i could realistically manage to see in four days, based on previous festival experience. and considering that individual gigs in london usually cost between 20 and 30 pounds for me the bill is already now easily worth the money, even if i'd end up not seeing more than two or three acts a day.
    Btw, One Inch Badge says: "Cheapest option is still Resident Music (01273 606312) who have a few 50 quid super early birds left."
    It is not the price of tickets that is troubling, it is the cost of the accommodation. Any recommendations for reasonably priced hotels or B&Bs...
    Not many chances for reasonably priced hotels, i'm afraid. It might be ok-ish on the thursday and on the sunday, but the weekend becomes unreasonably expensive even in hotels which are normally relatively cheap. I've been searching for a couple of weeks now and have given up the hope to find something at a reasonable price.
    As for B&Bs, did not spend much effort on it yet but just quickly checked and my first impression was that it did not look much cheaper than hotels.
    check out the hotels along the front towards the Marina (but at the pier end) & the side roads off it - can probably get twins for £50 a night b&b. The Albion right opposite the pier is cheap & cheerful, too. Check out the Madiera (might be 'New Madiera') - it has a club - The Funky Fish - in the basement, which I heartily recommend (even for us fat, bald, oldies) & plays loadsa 60's soul, much of it particularly obscure, and is guaranteed to get yer feet tapping! Brilliant chill-out place after a gig.

    failing that, there is a du Vin in Brighton where you can pay upwards of £200 a night! However, on the plus side they do have a fine selection on Belgian beers on offer!
    Does anyone know the exact details yet and whether there will be tickets for individual parts ? I'd really like to go the Githead/Wire parts and even do a spot of Krautrock Karaoke. Mundane as it is family stuff will not permit a 4 day excursion to Brighton (oh to be young and single in my 20's again!)
    i don't think there will be tickets for individual concerts. the drill facebook page said something about tickets for individual days, which should go on sale this week i think. the bands announced so far are apparently only a part of those playing. there will be another announcement this week and a third annoucement mid-november. this week they should also announce which bands will be playing on which day. that's all i know for the moment.
    for those who are not on facebook, update from Drill:Festival profile:

    "Due to a number of artist date embargoes I'm afraid we won't be able to announce our next wave of acts today anymore. What we CAN tell you however is:

    1. we WILL announce the next wave of acts at 10am this Monday 27th October. It's over 30 new acts!
    2. limited day tickets will go onsale at 10am Monday 27th October at the prices of £17.50 per day Thursday/Friday and £22.50 per day Saturday/Sunday
    3. we will announce which day each act is playing over the weekend during this announcement
    4. weekend tickets will remain at the early bird price of £60 through this wave

    This next set of acts really are great and worth waiting for, thank you for your patience."
    What a fantastic set of bands on offer here....Thursday is particularly pant-wettingly good.

    Clashes-ahoy, however.
    I bought my ticket for Thursday today, and will enter further negotiations for Friday with my wife after I have weakened her resolve to stop me going for more than a day. Jesca Hoop is a surprise ....
    I'm lucky enough to live in Brighton (or Hove, actually...) so I've bought a 4 day ticket and will try to go to most of this. Just starting to get properly excited! The 2003 (?) gig at the Concord was possibly the best I've ever seen Wire do. The sea air must suit them. Or become them.

    Pleased to see British Sea Power on the bill as I've so far failed to get to see them.

    Hotels: some friends of mine stayed at Guests in the City last week and said it was good. The Premier Inn on North Street is supposed to be OK too, if inevitably a bit bog standard.
    If that was the Concorde 2 gig in 2002 it was a blinder!
    Curious lack of interest in these pages on the Drill event.
    Is anyone going?
    Any steer on which of the less well known bands that stand out?
    I was thinking the same. Not many discussions on the Drill festival here around.
    I'm going and so are a few other friends.

    Waiting for the time schedule to decide which shows i might go and see. Apparently the time schedule will be published on Monday.

    So far the only known schedule is for what is going on at The Basement on the Saturday.

    14.00 Sharp Spark Seaview: An afternoon of freely improvised electronics featuring:
    14.00 – 14.20 Steve Beresford
    14.30 – 14.50 Edvard Graham Lewis
    15.00 – 15.20 Thighspaulsandra
    15.30 – 15.50 Steve Beresford / Verity Susman / Matthew Simms (Wire / It Hugs Back)
    16.00 – 16.20 Edvard Graham Lewis / Thighspaulsandra / Matthew Simms (Wire / It Hugs Back)
    16.30 – 17.00 Steve Beresford / Verity Susman / Edvard Graham Lewis / Thighspaulsandra / Matthew Simms (Wire / It Hugs Back)

    17.30 – 18.36 Directors Notes Present:
    WIRE live video – “The Scottish Play” (66 minutes)

    18.36 – 19.00 WIRE Q&A

    19.15 – 20.00 Directors Notes Present:
    Claudio Simonetti of Goblin ‘In Conversation’

    20.15 – 21.00 Michael Gira of Swans ‘In Conversation’

    21.15 – 22.00 Thor Harris of Swans

    On the same day there's also Githead, Goblin, East India Youth, Courtney Barnett, Fuyija&Miyagi and a few others playing in other venues.