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    (sounds like a Fall song title!)

    In HMV/Zavvi yesetrday - nice to see Object 47 in the front of the store, in the new releases section.

    However, the positioning of 'WIRE' on the sleeve design at the top right hand corner is precisely where the shops placed their price sticker - so completely obliterating the band name.

    It did add an air of mystique, but the passing £50 bloke is denied that "f**k me, a new Wire album" moment!

    I did kind of wonder if this would happen when I saw the design. In working with agencies, the top-right space is usually avoided for the reason you state, but there you go. On the plus side, at least the stores are stocking the album and putting it in the new releases bit.
    Same applies in my world of magazines and newspapers too - always avoid top right as it tends to get obscured in the newsagent!

    Certainly looks enigmatic with no mention of the band name - always wished Pink Flag and Chairs Missing were text-free!

    I have not been able to find Object 47 in a store here in Minneapolis. One of them told me that it was on backorder. Should I keep looking locally, or try to order it online somewhere? Are there known problems with distribution here in the States, or did it sell out?

    Looking forward to the First Avenue show in the Fall.
    • CommentAuthorcc says...
    • (CommentTimeJul 21st 2008)
    just curious--what is a "£50 bloke"? thanks.