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    Wire were given as a shot-in-the-dark answer to a musical clip question on University Challenge the other day. The correct answer was The Fall, but at least a group of 20-something students weren't oblivious.

    On Andrew Graham-Dixon's current series on Gothic art in Britain, he's in storage rooms at the Tate being shown to a stored work by Henry Fuseli; as it's being rolled out AGD, apropos of seemingly nothing says "ah it's on rack OneFiveFour" and chuckles. He once did a piece on PiL's Metal Box, so you never know.

    Well, it's quiet here at the moment
    Ha ! I noticed the Wire ref too watching this, knowing also that he'd done a piece about Metal Box. Great presenter. I like the cut of his jib, I must say. And I'm not normally keen on people talking to camera, where a voiceover will perfectly suffice. People generally don't know what to do with their hands, so they overarticulate with them. AGD's no stranger to that, but I'll let him away with it.
    Not so much a reference, but aural evidence of Wire on the TV back in the 70's.
    I tend to watch a lot of old films & TV shows on DVD and recently I worked my way through all 5 series
    of the London Weekend Television Women's Prison drama from that decade, "Within These Walls".
    There's a lot of music throughout the episodes that the inmates are listening to on their transistor radios or turntables,
    such as Wings,Slade,David Essex,The Rubettes etc, so imagine my surprise when watching episode 9 of the final series,
    filmed in 1977 but broadcast in 1978, to hear not only "Lowdown" but "12XU" being played, both evidently from the old
    "Live At The Roxy London WC2 (Jan - Apr 77)" album.
    This 5th & final series wasn't fully networked by ITV & only shown in a few regions, so the whole nation didn't all get to
    hear or see this. I trust the band have now made an absolute fortune from royalties following the DVD release!
    Nick - that has to be my favourite post on this forum - Brilliant!
    Googie Withers! ;) as the gov.
    Yes, the wonderful Googie Withers was indeed the guv in the 1st three series, I imagine she would have bought "Pink Flag",
    if not "Live At The Roxy WC2" when they came out too.
    5 series of Within These Walls!!?? That's going some. I remember it as a bit of a blight on Friday night TV - something that was on upon return from the youth club, or perhaps something that may have to be endured in the long wait for Appointment With Fear after News At Ten.

    In what context were Wire featured? Was it an inmate playing a tape or some such, or was it to score some of the 'action'?
    It ended up on Saturday nights in the end. In the instance of Wire "appearing" on the show "Lowdown" is being played
    rather loudly in the background while a prisoner is being intimidated by a couple of others in her cell, it then cuts to another
    scene when she is in an office talking to two officers, then as another prisoner opens the door you can hear "12XU" in its
    full glory. Certainly better than "Sugar Baby Love" by The Rubettes.